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Givhero makes your wellness program easier and more effective. You give employees accessible ways to be healthy and active. You tap into the power of goals for motivation. And you get simple administration and powerful tracking.

With all this, you can also meet your goals for charitable giving.

Givhero & Employee Wellness Programs: How It Works

  • Download

    Employees download the Givhero app for Android or iOS. It’s free!

  • Goals for
    & Fitness

    Employees set the health and fitness goals that matter most to them.

  • Families
    in Step

    Family members set goals too (if they’re so moved).

  • Active
    & Healthy,
    With Rewards

    Employees and families get going. You gamify and reward to inspire them.

  • accessibility: meet employees where they are

    Employees can go with the health or fitness activities they’re already
    doing, or try
    activities for the first time.


    Walk, run, bike, swim, climb stairs, run or walk a race


    Lose weight, sleep better, track heart rate, control blood sugar, control
    blood pressure

    Givhero connects with apps like Google Fit and Health for iOS.
    Or users can opt to connect a device such as one from Fitbit, Garmin or

  • tap into health & fitness motivation

    Spark Commitment

    Goals are built in to Givhero — they’re a key to sticking with it.

    Bring on the Fun & Games

    Gamify your program to make health and wellness fun.

    Reward Employees

    Give them something extra to shoot for.

    Make It a Challenge

    Create fitness challenges to get everyone moving, together.

  • optional: meet social responsibility goals

    Meet Your Goals for Charitable Giving

    Reward employees by donating to the causes they care about.

    Encourage employees to raise money for charity.
    They invite friends and family to
    sponsor them.

  • administration: reduce workload

    No Paperwork

    There are no forms for you, or employees, to fill out.

    Effective Tracking

    Detailed reports are at your fingertips when you need them.

    Simple Matching

    Matching employee donations is automated.

    Challenges? Not a Challenge

    Creating fitness challenges is simple and easy.