Leverage Intrinsic Motivation to Boost Engagement in Employee Wellness Programs and Initiatives

An Employee Wellness and Reward Solution Built for Organizations that Give Back to Their Communities

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Inspire and Motivate Healthy Behaviors, So Individuals Can Improve Their Lives and Their Communities

Employee wellness programs suffer from low adoption and engagement, and monetary incentives don’t get the intended results. COVID-19 has created more challenges for physical and mental wellness, remote workforces, and work-life balance.

With Givhero

  • Engage employees in longer duration, high-value wellness programs, through intrinsic motivation and connection to social causes
  • Simplify employee wellness programs with specific, customizable and achievable goals
  • Automate everything to reduce the administrative burden


Why Intrinsic Motivation?

Intrinsic motivation is very powerful when it comes to long-term wellness success

Givhero is designed with multiple intrinsic motivators for implementing a wellness program at work - Causes, Challenges, Cooperation, Competition and Recognition.

Employee Wellness.

Social Wellness.

Community Wellness.


All generations are connected to causes. It makes us feel good to help others!


Challenging ourselves supports high performance goals achievement.


Working with others fulfills our need for community. We feel good when we help others and work toward common goals.


Competition prioritizes our need to perform well.


It is satisfying when others value and acknowledge our hard work.

Why Social Causes?

All people are connected to causes

People derive meaning, value and motivation by supporting their favorite causes

Workforces are changing, and Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025! Millennials are overwhelmingly connected to charities and choose their employers based on their social responsibility efforts.

It Makes Us Feel Good!
That’s Why Givhero Works!


Great Results
from Leading Organizations

Over 90% of our members say the connection to local charities motivated them to reach their health goals!

Over 85% of our members want their employer to continue using Givhero!

Over 50% increase in participation in employee wellness programs at work!

“Givhero is an innovative solution to support workplace wellness and social causes. Giving our organization another way to support our business objectives of supporting our staff, our culture and our local community partners. I recommend Givhero to any company looking to do the same!"

Shelly Ford

Head People Person/Chief Responsibility Officer
The Brick Companies

The Brick Companies


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