“TBC has a workforce scattered over many properties, projects and states. Our workforce has diverse roles where staff can be working in the office or onsite maintaining the facilities and communities that we serve.

We knew the value in supporting worksite well-being but never had a solution that could engage staff from our dispersed sites in a seamless way. Givhero did just that. Regardless of role or location in the company, everyone could participate, and we could support their personal well-being and one of our main business objectives – social responsibility. A core priority here, is to give back to the communities in which we serve. Givhero was the only solution we found that could combine both wellness and social causes. And it was so easy for our staff to join, as well as our current community partners.

We rolled out our first wellness challenge with very little administration or hiccups. It was a huge success. Our staff were so excited about the first challenge that we implemented our second challenge before the quarter was complete!

Givhero is an innovative solution to support workplace wellness and social causes. Giving our organization another way to support our business objectives of supporting our staff, our culture and our local community partners. I recommend Givhero to any company looking to do the same!"

Shelly Ford

Head People Person/Chief Responsibility Officer
The Brick Companies

The Brick Companies

Emily Edelman

Assistant Marketing Manager
Wegner CPAs

“Our firm has been participating in step challenges for many years and it has become increasingly more difficult to facilitate these programs as our company grows in size.

We were recording all of our steps through excel spreadsheets that were sent to one person weekly and they would have to compile all of the numbers and email out a dashboard to all of our participants. The only consistent way we knew how to track everyone’s progress was through Fitbits, pedometers, and the step app on our phone so employees were limited to steps being the only form of “working out” in our challenge.

Givhero changed all of this. People signed themselves and their teams up through the app which also linked straight to their tracking devices so there was no need to enter data in manually. The Givhero app does have a function where you can insert your data manually and this let our swimmers, bikers, and weightlifters be part of our competition too! All the reports were done on the backend and this took our administrative time out of it and eliminated emails between participants.

One of our favorite parts though was as our employees reached their wellness goals they were raising money for their favorite local charities. Our company works closely with non-profits and it was amazing to reach out to 10 of our non-profit clients and tell them that we were going to donate money to their cause as our employees hit their daily goals in this health challenge.

To top it all off, our Givhero team was extremely responsive and helpful as we implemented this new challenge. There are always hiccups when starting something new, but our Givhero team was there every step of the way and had communications with us daily. This was an awesome experience for our firm and we are so excited to use Givhero again in our future challenges!"

“We are a small business. We always wanted to have a wellness program but lack of dedicated staff and cost to implement was always a deterrent in implementing any program. Also, we were never strategic about our charitable giving.

Givhero was very easy to implement with their one-tap on-boarding process. We signed up, launched and got all employees onboard in one day. We had 100% participation and over 90% of our employees are still engaged after 8 months.

With their giving plan and budgeting feature, we can now plan our giving for the entire year. We have been supporting our local neighborhood food bank and can't express the positive feeling we get by supporting a great cause. Our staff is engaged, motivated and keep moving every day. Supporting my staff and my community, just makes sense."

Tim Hawkins

President and CEO