Social Impact Sponsorships

Live & virtual challenges to increase revenue, exhibitor traffic and post-event member engagement.

A customizable, social impact sponsorship platform that motivates attendees to join live and virtual Challenges. Choose from off-the-shelf challenges or we'll customize one for you!

Well-being Challenges
New Product /Feature Release(s)
Traffic & Awareness Driver(s)
Create New Connections
Sponsorship Accelerator

How It Works

Customize individual or team Challenges that include goals (e.g., walk >5000 steps each show day, visit ‘XX’ exhibit booths, etc.).

When attendees achieve goals, sponsored donation dollars are ‘unlocked’ in the Givhero app in real-time for donation to one or more causes selected by Event Organizers and/or Challenge Sponsors.

Givhero’s Giving-as-a-Service (GaaS) financial technology links goal achievement with the ability to help important causes, creating powerful intrinsic motivation to get and stay engaged… including after the event!

Generate Sponsor Revenue Year Round

Leverage Givhero to hold virtual challenges year-round and increase your revenue footprint without increasing member fees.

  • Extend exhibitor (attendee) reach after show-close
  • Increase member touch points
  • A new way to support aligned non-profits year-round
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