It’s time for a happier, healthier workplace

Poor employee health and engagement doesn’t just harm workplace culture and morale - it’s creating an economic burden for employers as well.


The annual cost of chronic disease-related absences to US employers.


Higher absenteeism among disengaged employees.


Lower productivity among disengaged employees.

Support your organization’s greatest asset - your people

Today’s workforce is looking for companies that prioritize employee well-being and social responsibility. Workplace wellness programs are a practical and effective way to support your employees and encourage engagement.

Employee wellness + community wellness

Givhero is an employee wellness program and reward solution that connects your wellness initiatives with charitable giving, so you can invest in both your employees and your community.

Beyond the branded swag

Rather than reward participation with gift cards or company swag, Givhero harnesses the power of intrinsic motivation. Each time an employee completes a wellness goal, such as being active for 20 minutes/day, or taking 5 minutes to meditate, they raise money for the causes they care about.

Designed to thrive


Increase Employee
Engagement By 50%

Stop chasing after your employees to join your company wellness initiatives.

Get your employees moving with healthy activities and inspired by meaningful causes.


Reduce Administration By 80%

Get rid of spreadsheets, data entry and technology support.

Onboard staff with one-tap and get reports sent to you weekly.


Invest Your Philanthropic Dollars In Your Employees' Well-being

Make your charitable dollars go further.

Get healthy employees while also supporting your local community.



Custom Reports

Delivered to you weekly, providing details of employee engagement, and goal achievement, to reduce long-term insurance costs


Fully Automated Platform

Simplifies wellness program management, reduces administration  and workload


One-tap Onboarding

Streamlines program implementation
and saves onboarding time and effort


Integration With Fitness Trackers & Health Devices

Validates data and avoids manual data entry


Various Types Of Health & Fitness Challenges

Meet employees where they are on their health journey


Out-of-the-box Challenge Leaderboards

Keeps employees motivated and engaged by displaying goal achievements


Push Notifications and
In-app Content Delivery

Communicate directly with employees, to keep them updated and motivated, and send digital coupons to reward great results


Total Well-being Challenges

Explore multiple areas of well-being. For example - Be Active for 20 Minutes + Make A Healthy Meal + Meditate for 10 mins

Case Studies

Shelly Ford

Head People Person/Chief Responsibility Officer
The Brick Companies

TBC has a workforce scattered over many properties, projects and states. Our workforce has diverse roles where staff can be working in the office or onsite maintaining the facilities and communities that we serve.

Emily Edelman

Assistant Marketing Manager
Wegner CPAs

Our firm has been participating in step challenges for many years and it has become increasingly more difficult to facilitate these programs as our company grows in size.

Tim Hawkins

President and CEO

We are a small business. We always wanted to have a wellness program but lack of dedicated staff and cost to implement was always a deterrent in implementing any program. Also, we were never strategic about our charitable giving.

Invest in your employees and your community!

Be a leader in employee wellness, employee experience, and social responsibility.

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