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Employee Wellness Programs

Employers offer wellness programs as an incentive to boost their employees’ job satisfaction. These programs usually aim to support employees’ physical and mental health, as both have an impact on productivity and workplace culture. Bring all your questions to Givhero, a social wellness platform that helps companies implement wellness initiatives. We help employers motivate their workforces by doing good for others. For example, we create programs that reward healthy employee habits with donations to their favorite charities.

Employee wellness programs are instituted by a company to assist its employees in staying healthy. Usually, it focuses on physical as well as mental health and emotional well-being. Employee wellness programs are among the widest growing trends among modern businesses today, whether big or small, benefiting them in all sorts of ways. Moreover, a wellness program shouldn’t just benefit your company or employees, but also the local community as well. Givhero is a fully automated social wellness platform for companies to utilize to leverage employees toward achieving wellness program goals through a potent motivation—helping their community. Givhero helps your company connect with local charities and implement donations to them as goals for your employees’ wellness program.