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Givhero: An App for Step Challenges

Givhero: An App for Step Challenges

If you want to promote your staff’s mental and physical wellness, why not try a step challenge? Givhero’s functionality as a Step Challenge App allows you to encourage well-being and fulfillment within your company.

A step challenge involves co-workers competing to see who can rack up the greatest number of steps. Givhero’s health and fitness tool monitors walking and running progress, thereby promoting wellness in your workplace. A competitive spirit among friends and coworkers and some shared health and fitness goals are all you need to start a company-wide challenge today!

Givhero’s step challenge app can help your employees:

  • Track their steps and compare their progress.
  • Compete with friends and colleagues without generating extra administrative work.
  • Enjoy fun and healthy activities that boost their health.

Specific app features that support step challenges include:

  • Compatibility with smartphones, smartwatches—including the Apple Watch—and preferred apps and health technology.
  • An updated leaderboard with real-time progress showing daily, weekly and challenge progress.
  • An intuitive app interface. You can filter by teams, colleagues, and top performers, to share “applause” and “motivation”.
  • Access to other team members' progress for extra motivation.

If you want to support your workforce’s mental health in a refreshing and healthy way, create a step challenge with Givhero's step challenge app. Our software simplifies progress reporting to see who can walk or run the most steps in the given period. Moreover, it helps employees get active and boost productivity. Ready to try it out? Schedule a call with us today and we will help you get started!