Health and Wellness Programs in the Workplace

Givhero partners with organizations in the wellness industry to provide innovative health and wellness programs in the workplace. Employees tap into their health and fitness activities, or they’re inspired to get moving and get healthy for the very first time. By leveraging Givhero companies benefit from:

  • Increased adoption and participation in wellness programs
  • Increased engagement in wellness programs
  • Increased retention in wellness programs
  • Easy-to-use and implement solution
  • Scalable and global solution
  • Powerful way to leverage intrinsic motivation for employee wellness
  • Strategic way to leverage social causes and charitable causes for healthier behaviors
  • Customized solution to clients
  • A platform to showcase your clients social responsibility efforts supporting their employees and community partners
  • Donation rewards are tax deductible
  • Enhance the employee experience and provide ongoing physical, mental and social well-being programs
  • Powerful platform reporting insights