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You’re healthy and active, or taking those first steps, and Givhero is in your corner. Achieve your goals for walking, running and other fitness activities with intuitive goal-setting and real-time tracking. Set goals for blood pressure, blood sugar and other indicators of health, and see your progress day to day.

And while you’re doing good for yourself, do good for a cause that’s close to your heart. With only a few taps, turn your health and fitness achievements into donations to your favorite charity.

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Givhero for Individuals: How It Works

  • Download the App

    Download the Givhero app for Android or iOS. Set up an account.

  • Set a Goal

    Set a goal for the health or fitness activity that matters to you.

  • Get Connected

    Connect an app like Google Fit or the Health app for iOS. Set it and forget it.

    Or connect a device, such as one from Garmin, Fitbit or OneTouch. You can add more than one.

  • Track Your Progress

    See your progress in real time as you work toward your goal.

  • Achieve Your Goal

    Time to celebrate. You’re a hero!


Optional: Raise Money for a Cause

  • Select a Cause That’s Close to Your Heart

    Set a goal. Select a charity, or two, to raise money for.

  • Get Family & Friends on Board

    Invite friends and family to sponsor you. They pledge to donate when you reach your goal.

    You can also inspire friends and family with your own pledge.

  • Achieve Your Goal

    Go all the way — for yourself, for a very worthy cause. You’re a giving hero!

real-time data for health & fitness
more than 12 health & fitness activities

Givhero is the only app that brings together this many activities. You get comprehensive, real-time data on your health and fitness.

  • daily, weekly and one-time goals


    Walk, run, bike, swim, climb stairs,
    be active, run or walk a race


    Lose weight, sleep better, track heart rate, control blood sugar,
    control blood pressure

  • ideas for keeping in step

    Start Small

    Set a goal for your first laps, your first steps, your first miles.

    Or Go Big

    Make your 10K or marathon a goal. Connect with any race in the U.S.

    Tap Into Habits

    Set a goal for your regular swim or bike ride, for your daily weight
    or blood-pressure check-in.

    Swap It Out

    Take the stairs instead of the elevator, and make it a goal.

    Do Good for Others Too

    Turn any goal into charitable fundraising.

  • create a virtual race

    Race at noon. Race at midnight.
    Race with a pack. Be a lone wolf.
    Do it for a cause that’s close to your heart.
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  • Extra Health & Fitness Motivation More Achievements

    You Won’t Stop Now

    Real-time tracking keeps you on track to success.

    The Crowd Keeps You Going

    With sponsors behind you, and a good cause in front of you,
    motivation is built in.

    You’re All In, All the Way

    Goal-setting is a key to sticking with it.
    Short-term goals = recurring achievement.

    Show Off Your Achievements

    On your own page at the Givhero website, see the heroes who
    support you and the
    heroes and charities you support.