3 Behavioral and Mental Health Programs That Could Benefit Any Workplace

3 Behavioral and Mental Health Programs That Could Benefit Any Workplace

Increasingly, organizations and professionals recognize that mental health impacts their workforce management. Indeed, as they notice the relationship between mental states and productivity, employers place a greater emphasis on employees’ mental health. Several options can encourage positive results, including accessible EAPs, telehealth counseling, and digital wellness apps. The third option, in particular, may lead you to partner with Givhero, an expert workplace wellness provider.

Below, we discuss three programs that can foster positive mental and behavioral health outcomes in your workplace:

Digital Wellness Apps

Providing employees access to digital wellness apps can give your staff the tools they need to achieve well-being. Since many health apps are subscription-based, consider purchasing a group or business subscription, which would provide you with licenses to distribute among your employees.

Offering employee wellness subscriptions encourages employees to sustain and improve their mental health at their pace. Moreover, different health apps support distinct aspects of mental wellness. Their services include:

  • Guided meditation - The well-documented benefits of meditation include greater productivity, improved sleep patterns, and successful management of stress and anxiety. Indeed, an array of meditation apps have cropped up over the past decade. Many are designed for first-time meditators who need instruction and support.
  • Healthy habits - If you’ve ever struggled to establish a good habit–like reading more often, quitting smoking, or exercising–you know how difficult doing so can be. However, several apps support such practices by encouraging you to perform a certain task to earn points.
  • Wellness goals - Although similar to healthy habit apps, those for wellness goals extend beyond exercise. Top workplace wellness providers offer social wellness apps that team employees up to support connection, collaboration, competition, and community. They take a holistic approach to well-being, using social wellness to encourage mental wellness.

Visible and Accessible EAPs

Most large companies have an employee assistance program (EAP), which offers services to employees that help them deal with personal or work issues. While it can be a useful resource for employees, some claim that EAPs are limited or offer unclear services.

Promoting and expanding your workplace’s EAP ensures that your employees receive the support they need. It follows that providing employees with the assistance they need results in positive mental wellness outcomes and greater productivity.

3 Behavioral and Mental Health Programs That Could Benefit Any Workplace

Telehealth Counseling Services

Positive mental health can also be achieved among employees by providing them with telehealth counseling services. Individuals with busy schedules or who work remotely will then have ready access to counseling and therapy services.

On top of countering the effects of isolation during the pandemic, telehealth counseling has proven to provide many benefits to employees. Some have received an urgent diagnosis and treatment for mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and more.

Introducing or expanding your telehealth counseling can encourage employees to make time to care for their well-being and improve their mental health. By helping your employees improve their mental health, you’ll be able to maintain a happier and productive workforce.

Givhero: A Workplace Wellness Provider That Encourages Holistic Wellness

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