3 Takeaways from our “30 Days of Wellness Challenge” with American University.

By Hanna Berman

3 Takeaways from our “30 Days of Wellness Challenge” with American University.

We recently partnered with American University for a “30 Days of Wellness Challenge.” The goal? Expand awareness and participation across all pillars of health: physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. While that might sound daunting to some, here’s how we made it attainable AND rewarding!

1. Physical activity is an aspect of wellness, not the whole thing.

No one loves an activity challenge more than us, but we also know that physical movement is only part of the wellness equation, not the entire thing. It’s tempting to think that if we do X amount of exercise for X amount of time, we will automatically feel happy and healthy. However, when we think in these black and white terms, we forget about all of the other elements in between that contribute to our well-being. And the more you embrace these other elements (mental health, creativity, mindfulness, etc!), the more you’ll get out of your physical activity. Everything we do is interconnected, so just focusing on one thing would keep you from living your best life. That’s why we’ve started customizing our wellness challenges (like our one with AU!) to include more than just the physical piece. Because who doesn’t want to live their best life?

2. YOU decide what it means to be well.

Contrary to what we’re sometimes told, no one knows you better than, well, you! You know what works for your body, mental state, and lifestyle. And while there are benefits of having a set routine, it’s important to recognize that we are ever-changing, which means our wellness needs are too. So when we kicked off our partnership with AU, we made sure that each day had options, ranging from healthy meal prep to watching a funny video. We recognize that Monday-you, might look different from Friday-you, and that’s more than okay!

3. Small steps make a big difference.

3 Takeaways from our “30 Days of Wellness Challenge” with American University Calender

We’re often inundated with messages that tell us more is better! But at Givhero, we know that even small steps lead to big change. Our drop-down menu for our 30-day challenge includes a variety of activities and a range of ability levels.

We want to fit in with your lifestyle, not the other way around. Interested in journaling? Write down three things you’re grateful for. How about mindfulness? Take a moment to pause. And exercise? Stretch for 5-10 minutes. Moral of the story, incorporating wellness into your day-to-day is attainable. And we also want to make it fun by rewarding you for your efforts, big and small. In AU’s case, everyone that completed an activity was eligible to win a prize. Because we believe that all efforts, no matter how big or small, deserve recognition!

Interested in your own wellness challenge? Contact us here.

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Hanna BermanHanna Berman is a Mental Health & Wellness Contributor for Givhero. As a Mental Health & Organizational Consultant, her career is dedicated to exploring behavior change on both an individual and collective level. She holds a Masters from King’s College London in Global Ethics & Human Values and is a part-time Reiki practitioner with City Acupuncture Clinic in Washington DC.