5 Mental Health at Home Tips

It’s been 7 months since COVID-19 came into our lives, and many of us are still feeling overwhelmed with our day-to-day. If that sounds familiar, here are some tips to incorporate into your daily routine!

1. Get up and get dressed!

We know, pajamas are comfy. And this new work-from-home life that many of us are experiencing makes it tempting to keep them on all day (I mean, can anyone really see your Spongebob sweats on a Zoom call?). But changing out of your sleep clothes and into your “day/work” clothes helps create the psychological boundary needed to tap into productivity mode. Our brain needs this signal to remind us that even though we’re physically at home, we’ve started our workday. No need to go full-on formal -- just try changing into something that you wouldn’t wear to hit the hay!

2. Create mental and physical boundaries

And speaking of boundaries... Setting boundaries is arguably the biggest factor to consider when working from home. While remote work has its benefits, it can also negatively impact our wellbeing if we don’t approach it intentionally. So what does establishing internal and external boundaries for WFH life look like? Internally it can mean putting work clothes on (see previous point!), setting up a designated workspace, and sticking to a routine. Externally it means communicating your offline hours, taking breaks from your phone, and prioritizing self-care.

3. Boost immunity

As the pandemic continues and we transition into fall/winter, strengthening our immunity is a health essential! You should always consult with your doctor before any major medical decisions, but evidence shows hydration, exercise, sleep, meditation, and certain vitamins (like C & D!) are research-backed ways to keep our immune system thriving.

4. Incorporate moments of movement

While we’re all for a consistent workout regimen (i.e. an early morning run, an online Zumba class, etc.), we also believe that movement shouldn’t be designated to one time in the day. Have 10 minutes before your next meeting? How about some stretching. Mid-day fatigue? Try a quick walk around the block. Looking to decompress from the workday? A 15-minute online yoga routine should hit the spot. Finding even 10 minutes to move holds a host of mental and physical benefits. And why not enlist the help of an app to track and celebrate your movement-- studies show that incorporating this creates an incentive to keep going.

5. Connect with community

If you’re struggling with feelings of isolation these days, you’re not alone. More than 4 in 10 Americans are struggling with feelings of loneliness since the pandemic started. But just because we can’t connect like we used to doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still connect. Carving out time to call a friend, join a virtual community, or find attainable ways to give back can all positively contribute to your mental health. And if you need a helping hand, we’re here for you.

Written By
Hanna Berman.
Hanna Berman is a Mental Health & Wellness Contributor for Givhero. As a Mental Health & Organizational Consultant, her career is dedicated to exploring behavior change on both an individual and collective level. She holds a Masters from King’s College London in Global Ethics & Human Values and is a part-time Reiki practitioner with City Acupuncture Clinic in Washington DC.