Be Virtual, Be Remote, Be Connected to Wellness and Your Community During COVID-19

During this challenging time of social distancing, Givhero is providing a FREE resource to help individuals stay connected to their well-being as well as to others.

Join the Be Remote, Be Connected to Wellness challenge to walk 5,000 steps a day. You can do this at home, in your neighborhood, on your own, or with your loved ones (while following CDC guidelines).

Invite your colleagues, friends and family, and share your goal, get connected, get sponsored by your employer, and others, and support the causes that are supporting us during this time of crisis.

Individual wellness, social wellness, community wellness!

How to Join The Challenge:

2. Follow the steps to download the app and join the challenge
3. Share with your colleagues, friends and family to join the challenge
4. Invite your employer and others to sponsor your wellness goal and your selected charity

Interested in creating your own customized goal?

Simply add a new goal, customize it to your needs and circumstances. Connect a device and get going!

Interested in creating your own team?

Simply add a new team and invite your friends, family or coworkers to collaborate together towards cumulative success.

Want to see how you’re doing against others in the challenge?

Simply tap on the challenge in the Givhero app to see the leaderboard.

Want to have a greater social impact?

Add a cause of your choice, have your friends, family and employer sponsor your goal. When you achieve your goal, donations are earned for the charities of your choice!

Need help? Contact Givhero at

Written By
Hanna Berman.
Hanna Berman is a Mental Health & Wellness Contributor for Givhero. As a Mental Health & Organizational Consultant, her career is dedicated to exploring behavior change on both an individual and collective level. She holds a Masters from King’s College London in Global Ethics & Human Values and is a part-time Reiki practitioner with City Acupuncture Clinic in Washington DC.