How Charity Donations from Companies Benefit Nonprofit Partners

How Charity Donations from Companies Benefit Nonprofit Partners

Charity donations from companies and corporate philanthropy provide vital funds that help nonprofit organizations fuel their missions. However, philanthropic donations go beyond the nonprofit and also help foster a sense of community and social responsibility that can have a powerful effect on the full organization. Being part of something bigger supports a sense of community within employees, whether they’re contributing to the company's strategic objectives or supporting the values of the company through social impact efforts.

1. Getting Donations from Companies Benefits Those Giving

Corporate donations from companies can help nonprofits, but it can also impact the lives of those who give. Donations might seem transactional—charitable dollars flowing from a company to a nonprofit organization—but in reality it is much more than that. Corporate philanthropy is a powerful tool for community investment, employee engagement and reinforcing your organizational values. Studies show that employees want an employer that prioritizes its corporate social responsibility efforts, and the overwhelming majority of Millennial and Gen Z employees are specifically looking to share their talents with organizations who give back.

Prioritizing community stakeholders through charitable donations, volunteering and in-kind goods, can also help to increase brand awareness and enhance community goodwill. Charity donations from companies give a boost to brand perception and can even introduce the company to new stakeholders. When public perception is strong and charity donations from companies broaden the audience of a business, it can also impact sales and customer loyalty.

2. Charity Donations from Companies Made Easy

Givhero works with our nonprofit partners to make receiving donations easy. Nonprofits can join the Givhero community for FREE, and will be available to our entire community, which allows both companies and individuals to donate easily, through completing healthy goals and challenges. Our nonprofit partners can invite their corporate partners to join Givhero to support workplace well-being and their cause. Some of our nonprofit partners also host virtual events through Givhero (e.g. 5Ks, fun runs, walks, etc.) that can reach their donors, regardless of their location.

3. How Corporate Philanthropy Works with Givhero

The Givhero app allows your employees to donate to important social causes. When an employee completes a health-related goal or challenge, they receive donation rewards to the charity of their choice. In creating this structure, employees have a deeper motivation to complete goals and challenges that can improve their overall health and well-being. By participating in corporate philanthropy efforts, employees are more engaged with their organization, its culture and colleagues. Working for a company that cares about their employees’ well-being and that of others, supports multiple bottom lines. This can be powerful in recruiting and retaining workers and can help build community, which has become increasingly more difficult during social distancing.

4. Givhero Makes Charity Donations from Companies Easy

If you’re looking to increase employee wellness at the workplace or want to offer a unique health and wellness program to your corporate clients, we’re here to help! We use intrinsic motivation to inspire teams to reach their personal and community wellness goals. Learn more about how Givhero works and schedule a meeting today.