The Benefits of Employee Resource Groups

Creating Successful Corporate Walking Challenges

At Givhero, we frequently work with Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) looking to implement a new corporate wellness program or add to their existing program. These valuable employee-led groups can be called many things such as Committees or Affinity Groups, and can have specific areas of focus such as Giving Committees and Employee Wellness Committees. These employee resources groups provide a host of benefits to the businesses that successfully support them. Here are some of the benefits your business can expect from supporting a diverse group of ERGs.

1. Build and Support a Successful Culture

Humans are social creatures, but the modern workforce isn’t always given ample opportunities to make meaningful social connections. After all, nearly 80% of businesses are expected to continue allowing remote work even after the dust of the pandemic settles. By now, it’s no secret that decreased social interaction is one of the potential pitfalls of remote work.

Luckily, employee wellness programs can help us avoid this pitfall. Rather than exclusively focusing on day-to-day work matters, ERGs focused on employee wellness allow teams to unite through common well-being interests and passions outside of the workplace. If you give your team the chance to build strong social connections, their sense of purpose on the team will only increase. When that occurs, don’t be surprised if your employee engagement ramps up as well.

2. Inform Leadership of The Needs of The Employees

Most of us would agree that an organization’s greatest asset is its employees. When it comes to health, wellness and social connections, each team member has unique needs. They may even have certain social causes that are close to their hearts and offer a sense of purpose. When a business supports employee resource groups, they are actively investing in their team, attempting to meet their needs and supporting the values that they hold so dearly.

Simply put, bonding with people who have been through, or are currently in, similar situations is very empowering. ERGs are a framework that allows such growth to take root. Spreading awareness and giving your team a voice will help them broaden their perspective and overcome challenges as one.

3. Boost Recruitment and Retention Success

ERGs benefit more than just the committee members who lead them. Affinity groups help strengthen company culture, and a strong company culture helps teams thrive. A strong culture built through the celebration of inclusivity is a recipe for creating champions and organizational advocates.

When this type of environment is created, your business will draw more people from a diverse talent pool. When you consider that the growing Millennial workforce often values purpose over profit, it’s easy to see the immense value that this benefit provides.

4. Display Your Values to Stakeholders

There are studies that suggest employee resource groups help build a workforce that reflects the demographics of the customer base. This is advantageous because it creates a sense of comfort and connection between customer and service provider. Additionally, supporting charitable causes through a Giving Committee will make your business’s values known to the public, and that may just spark an uptick in customer loyalty.

5. How Can Givhero Help with Your Employee Resource Groups?

If you’re interested in starting Employee Resource Groups, Wellness Committees, or Giving Committees at your company, Givhero would be happy to help! Even if your established affinity group is looking to introduce a new addition to its program, we’re there for you. Through our automated platform and app, we create engaging challenges that reward employees with donations to the social causes that motivate them! We focus on the legwork involved in supporting your ERG so you can focus on thriving. Learn more about how Givhero works and schedule a call today!