The Importance of Wellness at the Workplace

The Importance of Wellness at the Workplace

Wellness at the workplace should be a top priority for all employers, whether your company has ten people or 10,000. Healthy employees perform better at their job and can help businesses save on long-term health costs, but those should be ancillary reasons to help. Offering perks like employee wellness programs are simply a good thing to do for employees, encouraging them to take time for their physical and mental health.

1. The Benefits of Wellness at the Workplace

Employee wellness programs can help employees take preventative steps to improve their overall health. It also sends a message to your team that their company cares about their well-being and is willing to offer them perks or other rewards to invest in their wellness. Employee wellness programs can take many forms, but some of the most popular include step competitions, physical activity challenges, “lunch and learns,” or reimbursement toward a health club membership.

Employees who participate in these programs may feel better in general, as exercise and healthy movement can help reduce stress and create a more relaxed work environment. Employee wellness programs can also increase morale and improve relationships among team members. Businesses should explore employee wellness programs as a way to help employees stay healthy, connected to one another, and improve the organizational culture of their company.

2. The Importance of Employee Wellness During COVID-19

The global pandemic has brought mental health to the forefront of conversations. While employers should remain sensitive to employee physical health, they should also emphasize programs and other perks to help mental health during this time.

Overall, employee wellness programs that can tap into an employee’s intrinsic motivation typically provide the best results. Intrinsic motivation moves away from giving traditional perks – like a gift card to a popular restaurant – and focuses on what truly motivates a person. For many, that could be a reward that helps others in their communities. That’s why at Givhero, we offer an employee wellness program that provides team members with a way to receive donation rewards to the charities of their choice. These programs can help employees with their physical well-being and give them a mental boost during this difficult time.

3. Givhero Provides Intrinsic Motivation for Wellness at the Workplace

If you’re looking to increase employee wellness at the workplace or want to offer a unique health and wellness program to your corporate clients, we’re here to help! We use intrinsic motivation to inspire teams to reach their personal and community wellness goals. Schedule a meeting to learn more about how Givhero works.