What are Employee Health and Wellness Programs?

Employee Health & Wellness program

The so-called “wellness industry” is expanding and evolving right before our eyes. For instance, employee well-being has become a household term in our post-pandemic era as individuals see their career influencing their health. Also, companies are incorporating employee health wellness initiatives to support workers’ fitness and incentivize their work. Finally, worksite wellness professionals have seen an increase in demand as businesses grasp the value of their expertise.

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Below, we define key terms–including “health and wellness programs for employees”–and describe how they factor into your workplace’s environment:

Defining Our Terms

One challenge of defining wellness comes from its broad application. For example, a quick online search yields results including “worksite wellness,” “corporate wellness,” and “worksite health wellness.” The similarity that these labels share can easily overwhelm and confuse novices.

For the sake of clarity, we distinguish our terms as follows:

  • Wellness refers to the process of achieving robust physical and mental health through daily activities and habits. The World Health Organization specifies that wellness involves an active and fulfilling life rather than simply an illness-free one. Alongside the physical and mental, wellness factors include emotional, spiritual, and social aspects.
  • Well-being can be understood as the culmination of the wellness process, where one enjoys consistent health and happiness. However, people tend to use this term and wellness interchangeably, creating confusion. Some businesses even institute well-being, rather than wellness, programs.
  • Employee wellness derives from the above terms and definitions. It refers to workers’ efforts or activities to achieve well-being. Thus, wellness initiatives and programs encourage healthy and active living. They are tools to create healthier and happier employees.


To further illuminate our terms, it may help to look at some popular wellness programs. Companies around the world have incorporated the following initiatives:

  • Healthy lunches & snacks
    Offering longer periods to eat (or incorporating a cafeteria in your building) can encourage workers to choose their meals wisely. Alternatively, you could invest in a snack delivery service that provides employees with nutritious refreshments.
  • Counseling services
    Sometimes, people need a convenient resource to care for their mental/emotional health. Offering services, such as counseling, on your business’s property can afford that accessibility. Helping employees work through such personal issues can create a happier and more productive workplace.
  • Exercise
    While some large companies can afford to have an on-premises gym, many more cannot. However, the latter can work with local resources to offer fitness classes and activities. Even a company team in a local rec league can serve as an exercise initiative.
  • Community service
    As we mentioned above, overall wellness includes social health factors alongside mental and physical ones. A great way to incorporate this is to work with a charitable organization on a community service project. Doing so helps employees connect to their surroundings and feel good about their work.

Create Effective & Exciting Employee Health Wellness Initiatives with Givhero

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