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With Givhero in your corner, donors have a new, active way to raise money for your organization. They tap into their health and fitness activities, or they’re inspired to get moving and get healthy for the very first time.

And for you, it all happens simply and easily. There’s no webpage to set up, no design, no writing copy. You put the power of crowd fundraising into the hands of giving heroes.

Impacting Communities & Causes Everyday


A Givhero Partnership: How It Works

  • You’re
    on the

    Your organization appears in the Givhero app.

  • App Users
    Set Goals &
    Choose You

    Users set health and fitness goals and select a charity — like yours.

  • Any User
    Can Be
    a Donor

    Any user — a donor who knows you, a hero who finds you for the first time — can choose to raise money for your cause.

  • Users Raise
    Money for
    Your Cause

    App users invite friends and family to sponsor them. Sponsors make pledges. They donate to your charity when a user achieves his or her goal.

  • Users
    Can Donate

    Users can make their own pledges and donations too. Many users set daily or monthly goals — that’s recurring donations to your cause.


Grow Your Donor Database

Connect With App Users

Givhero users discover you when they select a charity.

Connect With Sponsors

Sponsors discover you when they pledge to donate.

Inspire All Your Donors

Bring Everyone Together

Challenge donors to a walk, a run, a virtual race — and to fundraising. We set up the challenge inside the app.

Make It a Match

Run a matching-gift campaign.

Spread the Word

Send push notifications to promote a blog post or an event. Publish your latest news to users’ dashboards.

Set Up Givhero: 10 Minutes


Fill out and submit our
sign-up form.


Create a Stripe account (for processing donations).


We do the rest.

You get a page on the Givhero website
that shows all
donor activity. And you can post news
there too.

Cost to Use Givhero: Very Little

No setup fee. No maintenance fee. Low per-transaction costs:

  • Givhero: 3.5% of each transaction

  • Stripe: 2.2% of each transaction + 30 cents

We process all pledges to you when they reach $20, or once a month (whichever comes first).

And for donors,
the Givhero app is always free.