The Givhero Story

Givhero Story

The Givhero Story

Givhero was born from a simple question: How can we make donating to charity a habit?

Our founder, Vishal Chintawar, had worked with nonprofit organizations on fundraising. He saw the struggle to reach new donors and engage existing ones. It seemed that people cared about giving back but were challenged by their busy lives. They needed a platform for donating that was in step with their day-to-day.

Vishal imagined an app that would make doing good as easy and commonplace as buying a cup of coffee. The app would draw on everyday activities. It would give users a choice in selecting charities and options for automatically managing donations all year long.

And those everyday activities? Some of us run — or we walk, bike, swim or climb stairs. We check in with our blood pressure, our blood sugar, our heart rate. We weigh ourselves. We sleep.

So at Givhero we built a powerful tool that taps into health and fitness activities and turns them into fundraising. Givhero makes giving back seamless and fun. It connects people to the causes they care about and nonprofits to the donors who care.

And now anyone can add a new, simple activity to the daily routine: doing a little good.