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Staff Wellness Challenges

Staff Wellness Challenges

Employee wellness programs have evolved from being a nice benefit to becoming a must-have for employers seeking to attract the best talent.

A healthy workplace draws more healthy workers! It's no surprise that more businesses are investing in staff wellness challenges to encourage their employees & staff to stay healthy. Givhero’s staff wellness activities and challenge ideas can help users develop new habits across the entire spectrum of wellness: physical, emotional, financial, occupational, and social.

Here are some benefits of implementing staff wellness challenges:

More Productivity

Employees who eat healthy and exercise regularly are more productive than those that don't. Poor health behavior is typically associated with high levels of unproductivity, resulting in greater health risks and long-term illnesses.

Increased Morale

Employer-sponsored health and wellness initiatives make staff feel appreciated and valued. When employees feel appreciated and valued by their employers, they are happier. The offering of staff wellness challenges generally leads to more engaged workers at work.

Build Staff Rapport

Employees who participate in these programs may participate in a variety of activities outside of their regular routine, such as joining a sports team, going to the gym, or eating lunch together. The interaction of coworkers promotes bonding and helps teams function more smoothly.