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Step Challenge

Implementing a company-wide step challenge can be a challenge in and of itself. That’s where a company like Givhero can step in and help your company achieve wellness and happiness in the workplace.

Givhero’s step challenge app is extremely easy to use and implement in a collaborative setting, making company adoption simpler and more likely. Get custom-tailored step challenges based on your team and goals.

Many studies show that companies that implement a step challenge program in the workplace results in fewer sick days utilized from employees, a clear indication of improved health and wellness.

How A Step Challenge App Can Get Your Employees Moving

The benefits of a step challenge in the workplace can offer numerous benefits not just physically, but more importantly, mentally.

Plus, as people are becoming increasingly more active on mobile devices, a step challenge app is the perfect medium to promote wellness amongst your employees.

Here are some ways a step challenge app can get your workforce moving:

1. Count Your Progress

Givero’s step challenge app can help your employee track and count each step being taken throughout the day. By seeing the results of each day and each step taken, it becomes much easier to stay motivated and break new records for one’s self.

2. Promote Healthy Competition

Looking for some friendly competition? A step challenge in the workplace is a great way to break the ice between co-workers and instill a sense of teamwork and collaboration.

3. Give Your Employees A Healthy Break

Throughout the day, every employee needs a bit of a mental break. Why not make this break a healthy one? Encourage your employees to take walking breaks to increase the steps taken throughout their days and even invite other colleagues to join them.

If your company is looking for a comprehensive, easy-to-implement step challenge app, schedule an appointment with Givhero today and get your workforce moving in the right direction.