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Step Challenge App for Large Groups

Step Challenge App for Large Groups

A step challenge app is helpful if you want to encourage a large group—such as a workplace staff—to exercise more often. Such apps are designed to motivate and track the progress of groups striving to reach a common goal.

Whether your ultimate goal is to increase company unity or create some friendly competition among colleagues, follow a few steps when creating a step challenge for a large group.

First, determine the parameters of the challenge. How long will it last? How many steps do you want participants to aim for each day? What prizes will be up for grabs? Once you decide on these details, find a tool to help you track and manage the challenge. Givhero’s platform, for instance, works well for large groups with its intuitive functionality.

Next, with a support tool in place, start recruiting participants. If you're using the challenge to increase team building within your company, you can send out emails or post about the challenge in company newsletters. If you want to make the challenge a community event, you can use word-of-mouth or social media.

Finally, once the challenge is underway, help participants stay motivated by checking in and offering encouragement. You can also hold prize drawings or give out bonus points for meeting certain milestones. Step challenges can be a great way to get people moving, but they only work if the group stays motivated and engaged.