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Tips on How to Implement a Successful Company Step Challenge

Tips on How to Implement a Successful Company Step Challenge

A company step challenge is a great way to get employees moving and improve their health. Such a program can also build team spirit and competition within an organization.

To help your step challenge succeed, incorporate the following tips:

1. Choose an accessible route that starts and ends at the workplace, which encourages employees to fit walking into their daily routine.

2. Ensure the route incorporates water and rest stops.

3. Promote the challenge well in advance so your employees can prepare.

Set Goals and Expectations

Before your company step challenge starts, set goals and expectations. You should decide how long the challenge will last, how many steps you expect employees to take, and whether you will offer incentives or prizes. Additionally, formulate some backup plans in case unexpected challenges arise.

Get Creative with Your Route

Encourage your employees to use their walks as an opportunity to explore (without endangering themselves). You might even take your staff on a tour of your office’s neighborhood. Show them all the hidden gems that they may not have noticed before.

Make it Fun!

Encourage employees to dress up, play music, and have fun while walking. The more they personalize and enjoy the activity, the more likely they will stick with it and reach their step goals.

If you are looking to start a company step challenge, contact Givhero and ask how we can help you get started!