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Tips on Implementing a Work Walking Challenge

Tips on Implementing a Work Walking Challenge

While starting a work walking challenge in a corporate setting sounds intimidating, you need not worry–Givhero has the experience to help you organize your first program, whether it occurs in one location or many as well as whether it’s in-person or virtual.

Below, we offer some tips on designing a work walking challenge:

Start with Short Bursts

While extended walking bouts may suit organizations that have implemented step challenges before or have energetic employees, most businesses see the greatest success with short bursts of competition. Doing so helps prevent employees from feeling overwhelmed by the physical demands of the challenge.

Cater to Your Employees' Motivation

To help motivate employee participation, you can offer a company-wide reward program that awards donations to charitable organizations. The Givhero app allows each user to select a charity or philanthropic organization to receive their donation. Doing so appeals to your staff’s intrinsic motivation and propels their effort in the walking challenge.

Promote Teamwork

If your walking challenge consists entirely of individuals vying against one another, each participant must maintain their enthusiasm alone. However, organizing departments into teams—such as your accounting department, marketing team, sales, and warehouse employees—instills a team mindset.

When team members keep other team members accountable for their objectives, they generate greater levels of involvement. As a result, the company as a whole benefits.