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Walking Competition App

Walking Competition App

Looking for a fun and unique way to inspire better health in your organization and its staff? A walking competition app might be the perfect solution. Encouraging your employees to walk more often can both improve their health as well as show your support for their well-being. Plus, the simplicity and ease of walking make it a natural addition to virtually anyone’s routine.

But with various walking competition apps to choose from, you must determine which will suit your needs best. While deciding, keep a few things in mind.

First, consider what kind of features you want from your chosen app. Do you prefer intuitive and straightforward functionality or something with more bells and whistles? The overwhelming variety of walking apps available necessitates figuring out your needs first.

Next, compare the available options. What are their features and pricing? These matters come down to personal preference, so look for an app that has everything you want for a comfortable price.

The Givhero app offers a unique value by leveraging users’ intrinsic motivation.

We use this approach because research shows that intrinsic motivation and a connection to social causes help engage participants in walking competitions and other wellness programs for longer durations. These higher-value wellness programs have greater success among employees. So, book an appointment with Givhero today to learn more about our walking competition app.!