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Wellness Incentives

Wellness Incentives

Wellness programs should always include incentives. They can act as the encouragement employees need to sustain long-term behavioral changes.

However, the most effective health programs avoid draining participants’ time or money. What distinguishes such initiatives is their balance between the demands of an incentive plan and the obligation to help employees improve their health.

Your company can implement a sustainable wellness program among employees using these 2 methods:

  1. Selecting appropriate incentives
  2. What motivates your employees? Givhero, for instance, leverages intrinsic motivation as a force for good by encouraging staff members to earn money for the causes they care about. Each time an employee completes a wellness objective—such as getting active for 20 minutes or meditating for 5—they contribute to their chosen cause.

  3. Offering staff a simple way to track and accomplish their goals
  4. To achieve the greatest results, establish an effective communication network. The finest wellness programs employ several communications tools, which encourage staff to share their progress and keep to program deadlines. Wellness incentive apps like Givhero do this automatically.

Companies are increasingly investing in wellness incentives to improve the health and productivity of their employees, but many are finding that they need to adjust their approach to encourage greater participation. If you need help encouraging your employees towards wellness, book an appointment with Givhero today!