Health & Wellness

Givhero partners with organizations in the health and wellness industry to provide innovative solutions to their clients and members. By leveraging Givhero, our partners can provide a unique solution that promotes health and wellness, by tapping into employees’ intrinsic motivation. By connecting programs and wellness initiatives to social causes, our partners can support employee well-being efforts as it relates to social wellness, community wellness, employee experience and social responsibility efforts.

Givhero Partners Include

  • Benefits advisors and brokers
  • Wellness companies
  • Health insurance providers
  • Health systems

Benefits Provided to Our Partners’ Clients Include

  • Increased adoption and participation in company wellness programs
  • Increased engagement in wellness programs
  • Increased retention in wellness programs
  • Easy-to-use and implement solution
  • Scalable and global solution
  • Powerful way to leverage intrinsic motivation for employee wellness
  • Strategic way to leverage social causes and charitable causes for healthier behaviors
  • Customized solution to clients
  • A platform to showcase your clients social responsibility efforts supporting their employees and community partners
  • Donation rewards are tax deductible
  • Enhance the employee experience and provide ongoing physical, mental and social well-being programs
  • Powerful platform reporting insights

Preferred Partnerships Include

  • Preferred pricing
  • White-glove customer support
  • Updates on new features, reporting and capabilities
  • Feedback pipeline to drive product improvement and client satisfaction

Join the Givhero partner community today, to bring powerful, intrinsic and socially responsible wellness solutions to your clients.

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