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Givhero’s Company Walking Challenge App

Givhero’s Company Walking Challenge App

With Givhero’s company walking challenge app, your group can work together to complete as many of the activities on our step challenge app. They can join teams, keep track of their daily activity, and move forward on our app’s leaderboards.

Creating a fun campaign is simple and satisfying when you work with Givhero. Our app gets your staff involved in corporate wellness and increases motivation in your workplace by improving mental and physical well-being. To help stimulate some friendly competition, we also include achievement and leaderboard features in the app.

When creating your company walking challenge with Givhero, you can group employees into teams that work together to finish the challenge ahead of others. Set a daily goal or cumulative goals that everyone must walk.

You can even let your employees wear their preferred fitness tracker if they have one. Don’t have a wearable device? No problem! Employees can enter data manually or connect their smartphones or apps. All are welcome and able to participate.

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