Can Social Responsibility Motivate Workplace Wellness?

Can Social Responsibility Motivate Workplace Wellness

Employers that want to engage their staff in corporate wellness goals should explore how social responsibility can help them do so. Why not seek personal and social wellness simultaneously? Indeed, social responsibility activates employees’ intrinsic motivation, provides them with achievable wellness goals, and allows your organization to create fruitful partnerships. You can also adopt the digital well-being platform from Givhero, a leader among employee wellness apps, to support your corporate well-being program.

Below, we explore how social responsibility can motivate employee wellness:

Activates Intrinsic Motivation

Just because an employer creates a wellness initiative does not mean their employees will participate. Lack of engagement and adoption in well-being programs is a challenge most wellness programs face. Such dilemmas call for leveraging intrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation refers to the act of participating in a task for the enjoyment of the task itself. We can distinguish it from extrinsic motivation, which comes with rewards such as gifts, prizes, monetary incentives, and the like. Individuals tend to do activities they enjoy, or that benefit others, based on intrinsic motivation.

By tying wellness participation to social responsibility, you can engage your employees’ intrinsic motivation. This practice, called corporate social responsibility (CSR), can pull hesitant employees into workplace wellness initiatives. Your staff can derive meaning and joy from their efforts by focusing on causes that help others.

Provides Wellness Goals

Involvement in socially responsible activities can provide physical and mental health benefits to participants. For instance, training and participating in a community marathon come with obvious physical benefits. However, even volunteering to help organize and work a community event can provide wellness benefits.

Recent research indicates that older adults who volunteered at least 200 hours a year decreased their risk for hypertension by 40 percent. Although experts continue to investigate the precise benefits of socially-conscious volunteering, they believe a link exists between charitable efforts and mental/physical wellness.

Create Partnerships with Nonprofits

Givhero makes workplace wellness programs simpler by aligning social responsibility efforts with employee wellness. Streamline your employee wellness program with Givhero’s nonprofit partnerships.

For instance, your employees can practice mindful eating habits this March for National Nutrition Month. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics encourages everyone to use nutrition to support well-being. Your organization can use the Academy’s resources and leverage Givhero to achieve this outcome.

Your organization can also partner with the American Red Cross for Heart Health Month. Choose from one of several wellness program options, including stress management, nutrition coaching, step challenges, preventative screenings, and more. Tie the achievement of wellness goals with charitable donations through Givhero’s app.

Givhero: A Leader Among Employee Wellness Apps

Givhero’s comprehensive employee wellness app can motivate your staff to participate in wellness programs. Our team understands the importance of organizational wellness initiatives and aligning them with other strategic goals across your company for maximum impact. Our platform helps organizations plan and track their wellness initiatives to relieve the administrative burden and provide a customizable, automated approach. Call us today at (240) 801-5927 or schedule a call to find out more!

Can Social Responsibility Motivate Workplace Wellness