How Charitable Giving Supports Well-Being

How Charitable Giving Supports Well-Being

Donating your time, money, or belongings is wonderful to do for others, but doing so can also be good for you! Many people report that charitable giving improves their mood and makes them feel connected to others. Research even shows that those who give to others live longer than those who do not. Now, employers can furnish their employees with these health benefits by organizing company wellness programs. Moreover, they can use Givhero’s employee wellness platform to incentivize their staff with charitable donations for completing healthy goals.

Below, we detail the health benefits you receive for generosity and some wellness program examples:

Raises Self-Esteem

Charitable giving certainly makes us feel good, but research indicates that it boosts physical and mental well-being. Specifically, the health benefits of giving include lower blood pressure, better mood, and increased self-esteem.

Donating forces us to pause and consider how we can help others. Sometimes, we can give up belongings we no longer need or donate time to a soup kitchen or shelter. You can compare your life and its challenges to those of others. This fresh outlook and support of others raise one’s sense of self-worth.

At Givhero, we recognize that socially responsible giving also benefits organizations. When employers support local charities and rally behind good causes, they improve their community’s collective well-being and each staff member’s self-worth.

Promotes Happier Moods

As we mentioned above, giving to charity boosts your mood. Although partly a consequence of increased self-esteem, charitable giving induces feelings of pleasure and joy. This reaction indicates that the act of giving is its own reward.

Happier moods in an office can improve productivity and increase employee retention. These perks make employee wellness initiatives worth the effort of planning and execution. To help implement a social wellness program in the workplace, Givhero’s mobile app leverages charitable donations as rewards for participants who complete well-being challenges.

Ensures A Longer Life

A third, and stunning, benefit to charitable giving is its boost on one’s lifespan. Again, research supports this link: as long as their motivations are altruistic, people who volunteer live longer than those who do not.

This correlation makes sense when we consider the health effects of charitable giving. Improved self-esteem and mood support physical and mental well-being. Plus, people with stable well-being and positive mental health are more likely to live active and healthy lifestyles.

With Givhero, you can help your employees live their lives to the fullest. Our well-being app provides organizations with the infrastructure to create and implement wellness programs. Its tools include custom reporting, one-tap onboarding, push notifications, and more.

Wellness Program Examples

To help kickstart your organization’s wellness efforts, we have a few suggestions for wellness programs:

  • Healthy lunches and/or snacks
  • In-office counseling services
  • Walking meetings
  • Guided meditations sessions
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Community service projects
  • Giving Tuesday initiatives
How Charitable Giving Supports Well-Being

Givhero: Offering Company Wellness Programs to Organizations of All Sizes

The relationship between charitable giving and well-being is a powerful one that all organizations can harness through quality company wellness programs. Givhero can help them do so with our social wellness platform, which helps organizations connect with charities and non-profits and implement wellness initiatives. Givhero’s effectiveness springs from our use of intrinsic motivators, which reward participants with donations to charities they choose. We also make contributions simple to track through our social wellness software. If you want to know more about Givhero, contact us at (240) 801-5927 or schedule an appointmentwith us today.