Why Your Organization Should Be Participating in Giving Tuesday

Employees donating canned foods for Giving Tuesday for employee wellness

From Halloween to New Year’s, we spend a lot of time celebrating what we have and what we would like. However, during this season of gratitude, we should ask ourselves: what can we give? Moreover, can we do so not just as individuals but as organizations? A suitable event for the spirit of donation—that also works as an employee health wellness initiative—is Giving Tuesday. Make the most of this social wellness program opportunity by leveraging Givhero’s digital platform for your charitable efforts.

Below, we describe Giving Tuesday and explain why your organization should get involved:

What Is Giving Tuesday?

First held in 2012 and now observed worldwide, Giving Tuesday is a day to celebrate and practice generosity. It now counts participants in the hundreds of millions, and its governing body recognizes many forms of “giving”: volunteering, monetary donations, activism, and more.

This year, Giving Tuesday will take place on November 30th, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. Many participants will log their activities on social media with the hashtag #GivingTuesday. As we discuss further below, individuals may choose the campaign they wish to support.

How Giving Tuesday Ties into Employee Health and Wellness

Regardless of their employer’s attitude towards the occasion, individuals worldwide will take part in Giving Tuesday. So, why should organizations acknowledge or encourage it? The reasons tie directly into wellness benefits for employees.

We’ve discussed the benefits of socially responsible giving for employees and their employers—specifically, both individual and corporate well-being see boosts. But Giving Tuesday is one of the best employee wellness programs possible. It already has an active participant body as well as a clear conceptual framework, both of which reduce the administrative workload for HR departments.

Moreover, a day of generosity helps cultivate an inclusive office environment. Participating employees will have a more sensitive mindset towards others, presenting an ideal opportunity to share and listen. A connected and cooperative office can accomplish more together

Use Givhero To Support Your Giving Tuesday Campaign

Before getting involved, consider some Giving Tuesday ideas for a campaign. Also, keep in mind that an organization-wide operation requires effective communication and planning for maximum participation. Luckily, Givhero’s wellness platform offers the necessary functionality to meet these challenges.

With our employee health and wellness app, your organization tracks and reports employees’ progress towards a goal. You can set the objective: daily step goal, time spent meditating, volunteer hours, and more. Choose as you see fit.

Employees donating canned foods for Giving Tuesday for employee wellness

Our wellness technology integrates with fitness trackers and health devices for added convenience. You can send messages and updates to participants through push notifications and an in-app newsfeed. Best of all, employees can see their efforts contribute directly to your organization’s Giving Tuesday campaign with our reward processing.

Giving Tuesday: a Worldwide Employee Health Wellness Initiative

Make the most of the holiday season and its charitable spirit by leveraging the Givhero platform for employee health wellness initiatives. Your best opportunity to do so is Giving Tuesday, which will take place on November 30th this year. Use Givhero to organize your employees’ wellness activities and capitalize on the benefits of socially responsible giving all year round. With our support, you can increase employee engagement and productivity to round out a great year and kick off next year. Call us today at (240) 801-5927 or schedule a call now.