Why Employers Should Adopt Givhero for Their Wellness Programs

Why Employers Should Adopt Givhero for Their Wellness Programs

Small businesses, large corporations, and non-profit organizations share a goal: they wish for happy and healthy staff. After all, contented employees have higher morale, greater productivity, and reduced absenteeism compared to their unhappy counterparts. Happily, every organization can care for its workforce by investing in holistic workplace wellness programs, which support employees’ physical health and overall well-being. Moreover, the efficacy of these programs can be boosted with the support of Givhero.

Below, we discuss how Givhero’s platform enhances the employee experience and detail its features:

Improving the Employee Experience

All activities that your employees carry out - onboarding, daily meetings, projects, mentorship, committee work - comprise their workplace experience. Thus, their sense of your office comes from a wide range of factors. Yet you can enhance all these elements with an effective employee wellness program.

Instituting such a program supports your employees’ greatest asset: their health. With their physical, emotional, mental, and social needs covered, your staff will work harder with significant productivity gains. They will have greater energy to put forth in their meetings, client interactions, and collaborations.

Givhero helps to bring these results to life with our social wellness platform. Its design and functionality make it easy to use and accessible to individuals in a variety of circumstances.

The Givhero Platform’s Features

What makes Givhero such an asset to successful employee health wellness initiatives? The platform offers useful and insightful features for every staff member:

  • Full automation - the app tracks and reports on employers’ wellness programs, reducing the administrative workload of these initiatives.
  • Custom reporting - delivers individual summaries of activity and goal progress to employees as well as cumulative summaries to management.
  • Integration with fitness trackers and health devices - for increased convenience, Givhero automatically integrates with other fitness tracking apps and health monitoring technology.
  • One-tap onboarding - gets new employee users started on wellness benefits with a simple process, saving time and effort.
  • Challenge leaderboards - incentivizes success and goal fulfillment by announcing the top achievers in your company’s health initiatives.
  • Diverse health & fitness challenges - boosts your program’s inclusiveness by offering a variety of challenges at different fitness levels, time commitments, community engagements, and participation requirements.
  • Push notifications and in-app news - keep employees in the loop with automatic notifications and custom curated content.
  • Holistic well-being challenges - engages multiple dimensions of wellness through challenges (including physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and so on).
  • Donation reward processing - provides customized motivation through donations to preferred charitable causes for healthy behaviors achieved.

Benefits of Using Givhero for Your Employee Wellness Programs

As mentioned above, the benefits of employee wellness programs include increased staff engagement, higher productivity, and stronger office morale. However, adopting Givhero for your wellness programs comes with additional benefits.

First, since the platform automates the processes of creating health initiatives and tracking their results, it reduces the administrative workload. It also gives employees all the tools they need and allows management to post announcements and updates in its news feed feature.

Moreover, the platform’s unique functionality allows your business to make donations when employees reach wellness goals. Staff members can choose charities to support, which motivates them to work consistently towards their objectives. This intrinsic motivation improves participation and long-term engagement in wellness programs.

Finally, as a result of the increased engagement through charitable causes, employee engagement soars. You no longer need to badger employees to join your wellness programs - they do so to support social causes they care about.

Givhero: Creating Excellent Workplace Wellness Programs

For support and guidance in implementing your company’s workplace wellness program, employers should turn to Givhero. Our organization strengthens well-being programs by boosting employee engagement and offering social health benefits. We do so by applying intrinsic motivation, which rewards employees for achieving wellness goals by supporting organizations they care about. If you’d like to reduce the administrative burden of an effective wellness program, reach out to Givhero today at (240) 801-5927 or schedule a call with us online.