Creating Successful Corporate Walking Challenges

Creating Successful Corporate Walking Challenges

Every workplace wants to foster an environment where employees are happy, engaged and productive. But, how do you get there? Most employee wellness programs have low participation and engagement levels, and traditional incentives typically don’t get employees moving during such stressful and challenging times. Employee walking programs are a great place to start! Corporate walking challenges that harness the power of intrinsic motivation are the perfect solution to meet your organizational goals and the needs of your employees and community.

1. How Do Corporate Walking Challenges Work?

Corporate walking programs can come in many forms, including individual or team-based, inter or intra-departmental, or across the entire organization. These programs track who can reach a certain step count, take the most steps or meet other health goals.

The primary way that corporate walking challenges differ is based on their incentives structure. Many walking challenges rely on offering extrinsic rewards for participating, like gift cards or water bottles. In our experience, this is where many employers miss the mark. Intrinsic motivators, like social causes, tap into an employee’s purpose and passion, which gets workers moving and motivated. Over 90% of our members say that the connection to local charities was a key motivator for them to reach their health goals.

2. How Can You Implement Corporate Walking Programs?

Implementation is key to success when it comes to employee walking programs. The program should clearly articulate the goal, duration, provide progress in real time, as well as be easy to understand, track your steps and reap the benefits! Marketing the program internally for several weeks before the start date will create positive momentum, awareness and greater adoption. Givhero is designed to be fully customizable and painless to implement. We have a streamlined process that allows for launching in only a few days and gives employers access to custom reporting to analyze the progress of their program. Not to mention, Givhero seamlessly integrates with smartphones, apps and wearables that employees are already using, like Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, Samsung Health, Strava, Garmin and more, to make for easy tracking and reporting.

3. When Should You Implement Employee Walking Programs?

Not sure if launching a step challenge during remote work is a good idea? Many companies have found that employees are even more motivated to get moving and come together with their teammates during socially and physically distanced time. With Givhero, you can start implementing corporate walking challenges in only a few days!

4. Get Your Employees Motivated and Giving Back with Givhero

If you’re looking to increase employee wellness at the workplace or want to offer a unique health and wellness program to your corporate clients, we’re here to help! We use social causes to inspire teams to reach their personal and community wellness goals. Learn more about how Givhero works and schedule a call today!