Flipping The Script On The Holidays

By Hanna Berman

5 Mental Health at Home Tips

While many look forward to the holiday season, it can also be a time of heightened stress and anxiety. If you’re dreading the holiday season, here are some ways to revise the narrative you might be telling yourself!

1. I can never stay healthy during the holidays.

People often view the holidays with an all-or-nothing mentality. I either have to deprive myself or overindulge! If that sounds familiar, try to keep healthy elements of your routine to help create a sense of consistency while you celebrate. One tip for striking this balance? Plan ahead as much as you can. If you know what your weeks ahead will look like, find pockets of time to incorporate practices that give you energy and make you feel your best. Why not enlist a trusty app to help you stay on track? And also remember to be okay if you veer away from your plan -- it is 2020 after all :).

2. I can’t celebrate this year because I can’t travel.

If you’re used to traveling to see friends and fam, it might feel odd to suddenly be stuck at home. But just as we’ve had to reimagine other areas of our life this year, there are things we can do to get into the holiday spirit without travel. Can you make celebrating with your quarantine crew extra memorable? Or take to the interwebs and have each person come to the virtual table with something special? Check out these fun virtual party ideas for some inspo!

3. I have to buy gifts for everyone.

With the media and promotional emails flooding our inboxes, it’s easy to equate the holidays with material gifts. But if you’re like many Americans struggling right now, buying presents for your entire network might not be an option. If that resonates with you and you still want to give, try getting creative with it. Thank you notes, Zoom dinner dates, and giving back are all ways to get into the holiday spirit, sans-material objects!

4. I should feel happy during the holidays.

Are you someone who suffers from a case of the “shoulds?” This time of year can trick us into thinking that there is a right and wrong way to experience the holidays. The holiday season can be tough as it is, even without a pandemic, so go easy on yourself if you aren’t as merry as society tells you to be! Instead, try to acknowledge what you’re feeling -- the good, the bad, and the in-between. And know that despite what you see on your social media feed, you are not alone in your feelings.

5. I have to celebrate because it’s what I always do.

We’ve had to shift many of our 2020 plans this year, and the holidays are no exception. So if the easiest thing is to sit the holidays out altogether, then go with that! An alternative? Try using this time to reflect and recharge. Assess what’s important, what makes you feel grounded, and what gives you energy as you approach the new year.

If we can help you gear up as the new year approaches, let us know!

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Hanna BermanHanna Berman is a Mental Health & Wellness Contributor for Givhero. As a Mental Health & Organizational Consultant, her career is dedicated to exploring behavior change on both an individual and collective level. She holds a Masters from King’s College London in Global Ethics & Human Values and is a part-time Reiki practitioner with City Acupuncture Clinic in Washington DC.