Givhero's Wellness Platform Can Extend to Employees' Spouses

Givhero's Wellness Platform Can Extend to Employees' Spouses

Holistic and effective wellness programs at work consider all aspects of employees’ lives. For many of them, that includes the individual they’ve chosen to spend their life with - their spouse. Indeed, extending your employees’ health and medical benefits to their spouses can support your company’s culture of well-being. It also increases employee engagement and results in significant ROI in the form of increasingly committed workers.

Available Coverage for Spouses

Well-being encompasses many facets of life, including physical, emotional, and social health. Achieving well-being involves finding fulfillment in the aspects of life that you prioritize: personal, family, communal, and/or professional. Complete wellness programs, therefore, cover traditional physical as well as mental and emotional concerns.

With Givhero’s platform, spouses can care for the various elements of their health and get support for their well-being goals. Our powerful app can track their daily exercise and projected health benefits through complete integration with personal health devices. Spouses can also receive access to Givhero’s social wellness functions.

As employees reach their fitness goals, their employers donate to the charities that users have chosen to support. Since spouses can both use Givhero’s platform, they can share the same wellness goals and social causes along their journey to well-being. Indeed, research shows that partners who share wellness goals achieve better results and enjoy stronger relationships.

The Benefits of Extending Coverage to Spouses

Extending coverage to spouses is an investment that many organizations are increasingly willing to make. Many will wonder what ROI they may see from extending coverage - the return includes these primary benefits:

1. It supports an environment and culture of well-being

Allowing employees’ partners to share in a workplace’s wellness initiatives extends office well-being into homes, establishing a total environment of success. Maintaining such an atmosphere then becomes a goal in itself, which supports long-term prosperity. Thus, Givhero’s functionality draws coworkers, and their families, closer together.

2. Drives up participation and engagement

With the interest and support of spouses, employees have a greater incentive to participate in your wellness programs. Greater participation improves and accelerates positive employee health - physical and mental - as well as relationships between spouses. Happier and healthier employees create a stronger workplace.

3. Relieves tension around spouses’ health

For many individuals, a great source of tension is the health of their loved ones.

Therefore, better coverage for spouses entails less anxiety from employees.

4. It creates more accountability

A great challenge for large companies is making everyone feel connected to the leadership and organization-wide goals. Extending coverage to spouses communicates to employees that their company cares for them and their families. With a greater motivation to work and engage with the organization, employees feel more connected to leadership. They are more committed and accountable to their job.

Holistic Wellness Programs at Work Supported by Givhero’s Platform!

All successful companies should aim to create an environment of well-being, which increases productivity and decreases turnover and absenteeism. Givhero supports corporate wellness programs to help boost their employees’ participation and strengthen the organization as a whole. We achieve this through our powerful social platform, which allows employees to track wellness goals and employers to create initiatives. The advantages of Givhero’s services include increased engagement and participation in well-being programs. If you’re interested in learning more, schedule a call today.