How a Health Tracker Can Change Your Life

How a Health Tracker Can Change Your Life

Technology offers support for everyday tasks and organization. Indeed, many individuals wear devices or use applications to track their daily health and exercise efforts. So, why not integrate health trackers with your employee wellness program to synchronize employees’ work across an organization? Such tracking capabilities can motivate healthy habits. Moreover, devices’ integration with wellness apps can provide your organization with a cohesive system. Make wellness initiatives responsive and accessible through health trackers and a comprehensive wellness challenge app.

Below, we outline how health trackers can supplement your employee wellness program:

Track Stats

Health trackers use sensors to collect data about your physical activity. They provide health indicators about your body, including your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels. You can accumulate this data to gather metrics for your health and fitness goals.

Furthermore, various health trackers offer different features, which you can program for the activities that interest you. Employees in workplace wellness programs can use health trackers to record their wellness stats, including:

  • Sleep patterns
  • Daily steps
  • Calories burned
  • Workout intensity

Such devices simplify tracking metrics as they automatically sync with your devices. You can also examine long-term data trends, tabulate daily progress, and set reminders.

Motivate Healthy Habits

People are more likely to fulfill goals when they can follow their progress. Health trackers keep you aware of your fitness progress and may even spur action. For instance, you can increase your heart rate every hour or add a few extra steps in your route to fulfill wellness goals throughout the day.

Thus, health trackers keep you accountable for your wellness objectives. You can create notifications that prompt you to go to bed, attend a fitness class, and more. On the other hand, metrics such as heart rate can let you know if you need to increase your intensity during a workout. Such feedback helps to form lifelong habits.

Integrate with Wellness App

How a Health Tracker Can Change Your Life

Finally, health trackers can integrate with your workplace wellness program. Wellness apps that sync with health trackers simplify data entry from individual efforts. Your organization can use that data to strive toward common goals, such as charitable contributions.

Givhero is one such app, integrating with Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Apple Health. It also connects with wearable devices and apps, including Google Watch, Samsung Watch, Apple Watch, Android Wear devices, Fitbit, Strava, Garmin, Peloton, Misfit, Withings, Omron, OneTouch, and others.

A Wellness Challenge App that Syncs with Health Trackers

Givhero’s wellness challenge app removes the guesswork of administering workplace wellness programs. Input all of your wellness data, send push notifications to employees, and receive custom reports all from the app. Your organization can increase employee engagement by 50% or more with the help of Givhero. The app leverages intrinsic motivation to engage employees through intuitive incentives and catalysts. Contact us at (240) 801-5927 to improve your employee wellness program!