How a Wellness Challenge App Can Benefit Your Organization

Without a digital presence, even the best-intentioned wellness programs stand at a disadvantage. Yet aligning your organization’s wellness plan with your employees’ digital engagement can help them better understand and track their health. Indeed, an office fitness challenge app allows your organization to launch wellness initiatives, boost staff engagement, and track progress, among other benefits. Digital functionality will make your workplace wellness program more accessible to your entire organization, increasing productivity and boosting your employees’ well-being.

Below, we detail just how wellness apps make such advantages a reality:

Launch Initiatives

Successful programs stand upon meaningful employee initiatives. So, before you bring a digital platform into your efforts, determine what your staff values. Employee resource groups can guide this process by conducting polls that identify the wellness interests. After they do so, your organization can use that data to design initiatives that meet employee needs.

Wellness apps support the planning and coordination process by providing a platform with resources for implementing initiatives. Therefore, whatever workplace wellness opportunities your organization pursues, you can launch the initiative on the app by inputting information with clear objectives, timelines, and goals.

Create Office Fitness Challenges

How a Wellness Challenge App Can Benefit Your Organization

Workplace wellness programs can incorporate both in-office and out-of-office initiatives. Office-based challenges are a great way to get employees active during their day. Even though employees may plan to exercise before or after work, they should still stand and move to break up sedentary activities.

Some in- and out-of-office challenges include:

  • Cycling to Work: Employees bike to work on designated days or once a week.
  • Isometric Exercises: Compete to see who can hold static exercises like wall sits, planks, or glute bridge the longest.
  • Step Challenges: Track steps to meet daily or weekly walking goals.
  • New Day New Workout: Challenge employees to try a new exercise every day.
  • 9-5 Exercise: See who can log the most exercise minutes on work breaks.

Additionally, acknowledging health and fitness holidays can help mix up employees’ regular fitness routines. For example, June 21 is the International Day of Yoga. Your organization could plan a team yoga event or give employees passes to a local yoga studio. Such opportunities encourage variety, spark interest, and support diverse interests among your staff members.

Boost Engagement

Organizations must create and promote wellness initiatives to attract any employee interest. However, leveraging intrinsic motivators like donating to charitable causes can further increase engagement. More people tend to participate in opportunities that benefit others as well as themselves.

Fostering a sense of community also encourages wellness engagement. With a community in place, individuals have social reasons to participate in activities (whether they compete against one another or work together as a team). Wellness apps support such interaction by allowing them to communicate, share common goals, and cheer each other on. That social engagement translates into the workplace, as well, by instilling trust and solidarity.

Track Progress

Wellness programs with measurable outcomes tend to succeed more than those without, as the former offer increments for determining success. Wellness apps contribute to these efforts by providing a means for tracking individual and organizational performance. Employees can input their goals and check their progress with integrative devices, such as fitness trackers. This functionality minimizes the administrative burden by automating data entry.

Furthermore, Givhero’s sophisticated wellness app can deliver custom reports to organizational leadership every week. One-tap onboarding makes joining wellness initiatives a smooth and easy process. Finally, the in-app push notifications can update, motivate, and reward your employees as you and other leaders see fit.

Givhero: An Office Fitness Challenge App

Givhero is an office fitness challenge app that makes implementing wellness initiatives simple. Your organization can choose how to structure your wellness program with the help of our customer success team. Furthermore, the app's intuitive functioning makes it helpful and accessible for users and administrators alike. Encourage your employees to live stronger, healthier lives with Givhero. Find out more about us by calling (240) 801-5927 or visiting our website today!