How Givhero Supports Cancer Awareness through Preventive Care

While strategizing and coordinating their annual well-being programming, organizations should consider cancer awareness programming. Cancer awareness is an ideal cause to focus your wellness efforts around, as several months throughout the year are dedicated to different cancer observances. Nonetheless, February—with both National Cancer Prevention Month and World Cancer Day on the 4th—offers a perfect occasion to kick off your wellness campaign around cancer preventive care. This term refers to routines and procedures that help deter or mitigate cancer, enabling people to live happy and healthy lives. Givhero and other apps for employee wellness can help your workplace promote cancer awareness and prevention through organized wellness programs.

Below, we discuss how Givhero supports preventive care and how you can use it to start a workplace wellness program that revolves around cancer awareness:

Emphasizing Cancer Awareness in Our Content

The Givhero platform’s alignment with charitable interests and connection to social impact is exclusive to our app. Yet as a comprehensive wellness provider, we also support numerous health initiatives. For instance, we host health and well-being articles along with podcasts and videos on our app’s news feed and Hero Wall. This material helps spread cancer awareness and information on basic self-care practices.

Facilitating Cancer-Focused Wellness Programs & Charitable Giving

Givhero also promotes cancer awareness and preventive care through support for employee wellness programming. Employers who wish to create wellness initiatives can design programs around cancer-deterring practices and behavior. The app spurs workplace community health initiatives through its messaging board and team-building functions. These features can spread awareness and encourage many to pick up preventive care habits that last a lifetime.

Finally, Givhero links your organization’s wellness programming to cancer-related charities, which allows you to motivate participation with donations. With over 2 million charities on our app, Givhero provides a seamless way to facilitate not only your program’s success but also its connection to worthy causes. Therefore, your initiatives can push for cancer awareness and preventive care within and beyond your organization.

How to Launch a Cancer-Centered Wellness Program

How Givhero Supports Cancer Awareness through Preventive Care

An employee wellness program constitutes one or more wellness challenges or events, such as volunteering hours or running a 5K. To organize a cancer awareness wellness program, choose a focus or theme to build your campaign around (for instance, breast cancer). Then, identify activities or events that qualify as preventive care for each type of cancer. You could host a long-term challenge to promote smoking cessation or daily sunscreen application.

Once you’ve chosen activities for your wellness program, consider how they may affect physical, mental, social, and other areas of well-being. Finally, choose one or more charities to support—or allow your employees to pick charities they like! Rewarding participation with charitable donations provides intrinsic motivation for participants to engage in your program.

A Sample Cancer Awareness & Prevention Challenge

To get a better understanding of how a wellness challenge might look, consider the following cancer awareness and prevention program:

  • Be physically active every day for a month
  • Share your progress with other participants through leaderboards, photos, messages, and content on the Hero Wall
  • Read cancer awareness content on the Givhero app to learn valuable information on preventive care for cancer
  • Enjoy the encouragement of seeing your hard work result in donations to the American Cancer Society
  • Complete your wellness challenge and spread the word about how much you and your team donated!

Leverage One of the Best Apps for Employee Wellness

Givhero—a tool to help companies structure and run successful well-being programs—is among the best apps for employee wellness. You no longer need to fear the complexity of organizing a wellness program, as Givhero offers one-tap onboarding and more. Our support of your wellness efforts can boost employee engagement by more than 50% and reduce administrative work by more than 80%. Look no further than Givhero when planning your next employee wellness program: visit our website and book a demo today.