How Social Wellness Can Kickstart Workplace Well-Being

Achieving well-being throughout a commercial or non-profit organization involves numerous parties and functional elements working together. The logistics of this process can make the effort feel impractical or unprofitable. Nevertheless, social wellness challenges and initiatives can help you and your management team navigate these challenges and transform your workplace. Given the right causes and mindset, social health and wellness mitigate unhealthy behaviors, create a healthy office environment, and increase the accessibility of services for all staff members. Moreover, you can seek operational and administrative support through a digital well-being platform.

Below, we describe how social wellness activities can galvanize your employees’ health and office culture:

Mitigates Unhealthy Behaviors and Encourages Positive Ones

Your organization’s wellness programming and communications should engage employees’ workplace health and habits. Nevertheless, reaching well-being requires accounting for the multiple dimensions of wellness: physical, mental, emotional, social, and more.

This term refers to people’s capacity to create relationships with others, connect and share experiences, and define their place in society. Positive social wellness produces feelings of belonging and support in a community. All organizations can benefit from such feelings, and in pursuing long-term well-being among their staff, they should aim to inculcate them.

Support from coworkers and friends, as well as the pleasure found in belonging to a social group, helps individuals manage their stress and anxiety levels. It also decreases symptoms of depression and other mental health ailments. Plus, social wellness can encourage healthy behavior among groups—after all, people tend to stick with exercise routines and share gratitude when their peers do the same. These steps are critical to achieving well-being.

Inspires a Healthy Workplace Environment

No one-size-fits-all well-being program exists for all organizations. Therefore, they must design social wellness activities that suit their employees. Luckily, providers and other companies can offer ideas and successful examples.

How Social Wellness Can Kickstart Workplace Well-Being

Thanksgiving brings excellent opportunities to work with charities that combat hunger, including Feeding America, Action Against Hunger, and the American Red Cross. A digital wellness platform can link employees’ progress toward health goals with donations to charitable causes. You might schedule such efforts for Giving Tuesday in particular, as doing so connects your work to that of others worldwide.

The benefits of charitable giving and gratitude are excellent incentives for engagement. Donating time and money is linked to increased self-esteem, better mood, greater productivity, and a stronger sense of community. Furthermore, gratitude promotes positive feelings and kindness among groups of people, which can spur an office’s social wellness and overall well-being.

Increases Accessibility of Care Options

Another critical aspect of building a culture of well-being involves the availability of health resources. In considering why social health is important, we must examine disparities in access stemming from social determinants of health. Yet improving company social wellness can help minority populations enjoy the same benefits as their professional counterparts.

For instance, if your company’s mental health programs and resources apply to all staff—not just full-timers—advertise this fact. Ensure that such information goes through several communication channels and determine whether it should appear in multiple languages. If some employees believe that co-pays or hidden costs may prevent their affording care, management can advertise how their services come at little to no cost for staff.

These steps facilitate better outcomes for your company. They provide meaningful daily wellness boosts and may also lower your healthcare costs in the long run. The benefits of social wellness and overall well-being apply to everyone, creating a healthy workplace environment for folks of all backgrounds.

Use Social Wellness Challenges This Thanksgiving Season to Achieve Well-Being

While achieving well-being in an office setting may be complex and drawn out, social wellness challenges can motivate employees and management to keep up the pursuit. Moreover, Givhero’s digital well-being platform can help organizations implement these initiatives effectively through its personalized settings, intuitive functionality, array of non-profit causes, and more. To learn how Givhero can help your office wellness programs succeed, call us at (240) 801-5927 or schedule a call today.