How Gratitude Motivates Social Wellness

How Gratitude Motivates Social Wellness

A fundamental component of supportive workplace culture, social wellness encourages strong relationships and unity among employees. Moreover, effective social wellness programs can boost workplace productivity. Employers and HR departments can achieve such outcomes by leveraging gratitude, a virtue that encourages kindness, collaboration, and connectedness between staff members. Support your employees with social wellness challenges that motivate and reward gratitude.

Below, we outline how gratitude motivates social wellness:

Gratitude Generates Positivity

Sharing gratitude can also be described as giving thanks, an act that we perform many times in a day. Nevertheless, we often underestimate or overlook the power of gratitude. It involves a transfer of positivity from one person to another, which can transform people’s moods and outlooks on life.

What components of gratitude spark positive reactions? When we feel grateful, we acknowledge something good has happened to us, which shifts our mentality to a positive space and spurs joy, self-worth, hope, and well-being.

Gratitude Inspires Kindness

Even alone, a positive mindset offers benefits. Our bodies release energy-boosting endorphins when we feel happy, which makes us more productive and willing to take initiative. Moreover, it inspires a positive cycle of “paying it forward.”

When we feel grateful, we want others to share the feeling. Opportunities may present themselves in such forms as encouraging, assisting, or advising a co-worker. Extending acts of kindness reaffirms positivity within ourselves and others.

Gratitude Creates Connectedness

How Gratitude Motivates Social Wellness

Gratitude necessitates humility, particularly recognition that we often rely on others for support. We may even experience feelings of indebtedness, an emotion some people try to disparage. Additionally, gratitude encourages us to be better citizens of the world and more productive members of society.

As we realize how we all rely on one another, we experience selflessness. It elevates individuals beyond themselves and encourages them to work toward a common goal with others. Collective groups can motivate social wellness initiatives that benefit non-profit causes.

Givhero’s platform allows organizations to tie their social wellness challenges to charitable giving. App users can create health and fitness goals as well as donate to their charities of choice. Moreover, they can invite friends and family to join their teams and causes. Users drive the cycle of gratitude knowing that they are contributing to a worthy cause.

Support Your Employees with Social Wellness Challenges

Social wellness challenges, like those facilitated through Givhero, provide an opportunity for grateful employees to share their positivity. You can leverage our app to unify your workplace, benefit a non-profit organization, and achieve well-being. Givhero makes it easy to connect with causes that inspire your employees. Moreover, it takes on the administrative burden of tracking progress and optimizing individual efforts toward wellness pursuits. Schedule a call or contact us today at (240) 801-5927.