How Gratitude Can Boost Employee Engagement and Wellness

How Gratitude Can Boost Employee Engagement and Wellness

Given the events of the past two years, you may believe that supporting your employees requires special programming and effort. After all, organizations worldwide are still struggling with the mental health effects of remote working on their staff. Nevertheless, small acts of appreciation can transform your workplace. Showing gratitude to your staff helps them build strong professional relationships, develop resilience to stress, and improve the organization’s culture. Leveraging the tools of corporate health and wellness companies, including Givhero’s employee wellness platform, can also help you to achieve positive outcomes.

Here, we explore what gratitude entails, how you can prioritize it in your workplace, and what it can achieve for your office’s well-being:

What Does Workplace Gratitude Look Like?

While we may think of it as something we give, gratitude comes from something good happening to us. We then show or share gratitude to the person or thing that made us feel it. Gratitude creates empathy in those who experience it, and they become warm and generous with the people around them

As a team member—or leader—of your workforce, you rely on coworkers to do their part in completing the organization’s tasks.

How Gratitude Can Boost Employee Engagement and Wellness

Their doing so is cause for gratitude. You can show it in the office by:

  • Thanking individual employees for their contributions
  • Observing and respecting employees’ responsibilities outside of work
  • Surprising your employees one day with lunch or treats

Remote office work, or even part-time in-person work, can preclude some displays of gratitude. However, you can replace those options with wellness programs for employees.

Benefits of Showing Gratitude in the Workplace

Organizing a wellness program need not become a complex or stressful operation. Indeed, some of the best workplace wellness programs have models and guidelines in place. These plans illustrate your gratitude towards your employees and can even support the local community around your organization.

The benefits of workplace gratitude include:

  • Stronger relationships between employers and staff as well as among employees
  • Improved stress management and resilience among staff
  • A more positive and supportive company culture

Furthermore, research shows that gratitude supports mental and physical well-being.

Generate Gratitude With Givhero and Strengthen Your Business

Givhero’s corporate wellness platform is a tool that helps companies increase engagement and retention in their health and wellness programs. It does so through well-being challenges, which require employees to complete daily activities. The Givhero app tracks their progress by integrating with smartphones and wearable technology, then delivers custom reports to employees and wellness organizers. In return, organizations can donate to charities that their employees choose, thereby supporting individual and community well-being.

While many challenges involve physical health objectives like step count or weight goals, others focus on mental tasks such as meditation or stress relief. This functionality helps employers support their staff’s mental health as much as their physical health. As employees become healthier and happier, they have more gratitude to share with their coworkers and employer.

The effects of strong employee health include a more engaged staff, reduced turnover, and increased productivity. In this way, gratitude and healthy employees can empower your business in the new year

Support Your Employees’ Wellness with a Top Corporate Health and Wellness Company!

We all must continue to grapple with worldwide events and their effects on an evolving workforce. Nevertheless, you can make a positive impact on your employees with some small acts of kindness that show gratitude. Moreover, reach out to Givhero—a top corporate health and wellness company—for tools and support to carry out corporate wellness initiatives. Our well-being app guides and motivates all users to complete health challenges and tracks their progress towards wellness goals. Moreover, its ability to make donations to employees’ chosen non-profits allows everyone to share gratitude and well-being. Call Givhero today at (240) 801-5927 or schedule a call now!