Why Givhero's Health and Wellness Options and Benefits Suit Modern Workforces

Why Givhero's Health and Wellness Options and Benefits Suit Modern Workforces

To attract and retain outstanding employees, your organization must offer appealing health and wellness options. Millennials, for instance, want tech-savvy services with adaptable features and excellent value. So, what wellness platforms and brands can fulfill those demands? One qualified candidate is Givhero, whose social wellness platform makes it a top health and wellness company.

There are a variety of features and capabilities that distinguish Givhero as an exceptional wellness instrument:

Powerful, Deep-Rooted Motivators

Many companies create employee health and wellness initiatives to increase their staff’s engagement. But those initiatives often fail because they lack an allure to get employees participating. While consumer trends in health and wellness indicate it’s an active market, employees need a compelling reason to participate in their organization’s programming instead of pursuing well-being on their own.

Givhero provides such incentives. Our app leverages intrinsic motivators – specifically Causes, Challenges, Cooperation, Competition, and Recognition – to drive engagement. These motivators draw staff members into workplace wellness programs because their activity supports something they care about, such as charitable causes.

A Social Wellness Platform

According to research, millennial health and wellness trends show that their interest piques when exercise activities support charitable causes. So, the average millennial stands a better chance of being active daily to train for a charity 5K rather than being active just for their long-term health.

Givhero capitalizes on such motivators by allowing users to choose charities to support. Our app also enables employers to design company-wide initiatives for charitable causes. This functionality helped our client Appian, a worldwide leader in the enterprise technology market, manage a company-wide initiative wherein employees raised money for United Way Worldwide by exercising 20 minutes daily. Givhero also transformed employee wellness engagement at The Brick Companies by linking social responsibility with company well-being.

Givhero’s platform encourages employee wellness, social wellness, and community wellness. It also adapts to any size business; Givhero partners with small businesses with one office as well as worldwide organizations with thousands of remote workers. Moreover, the app’s full automation reduces the administrative workload that comes with traditional wellness programs and software.

Customizable Features

Our platform also includes great customizations with a range of features. Organizations can attach their brand or logo to the mobile app. Then, individual employees may personalize their account with their photo and name - or remain anonymous. They can connect their smartphones or wearable technology and track their progress across multiple apps.

Individual users may also create an unlimited number of personal goals and track their progress through multiple metrics (steps, active minutes, weight goals, blood pressure, sleep, etc.) to support their customized wellness journey. They may also join company-wide teams or create teams with their coworkers, family members, and friends. Teams can be given names, profile pictures, and goals.

Well-Being Challenges

To earn donations for their selected charities, Givhero users complete goals and challenges, which entail different activities. Not all challenges require physical exertion–some aim to support mental well-being (like daily meditation or journaling challenges) or community wellness (like volunteering and charitable drives).

Employers may also design comprehensive employee well-being challenges that combine several wellness facets (physical, mental, social, intellectual, etc.). Our platform allows employers to control the duration, regularity, start/end dates, and specific activities involved. Each challenge can incorporate a website page that lists leaderboards and company landing pages.

Supplementary Features

A few further features round out Givhero’s value to users. First, organizations can share content with all employees through their administrative dashboard. Announcements and updates are delivered through push notifications and the app’s news feed. Content can include articles, videos, podcasts, images, surveys, and more.

Organizations also have the option to send gift cards and monetary rewards to their employees. Finally, the Givhero platform can cover users’ spouses, extending its benefits outside the office to better support employees and their entire family’s well-being.

Why Givhero's Health and Wellness Options and Benefits Suit Modern Workforces

Givhero: A Top Health and Wellness Company That Offers Comprehensive Programs

To attract and retain talented employees at your company, adopt services from top health and wellness companies. In particular, reach out to Givhero to leverage our social wellness platform and achieve company-wide well-being. The app’s use of intrinsic motivators, customizable features, and charitable options makes it a powerful tool for achieving a healthy lifestyle. Reach out to Givhero today at (240) 801-5927 or schedule a call with us now.