How Givhero Works with Wellness Partners

Creating Successful Corporate Walking Challenges

Givhero builds strategic partnerships with many organizations, and our wellness partners are one way that we deliver our dynamic solution directly to their members and clients. We are proud to offer a solution that can improve workplace morale, company engagement in corporate wellness programs and support multiple areas of well-being. Our wellness partners benefit from Givhero’s customizable and turnkey program to transform their clients’ workplace environment.

1. What Type of Wellness Partners Does Givhero Work With?

Givhero partners with health and wellness experts, including benefits advisors and brokers, health insurance providers and plans, as well as health systems and wellness companies. Studies have shown that working alongside companies like Givhero makes it easier to plan, organize and implement effective corporate wellness programs. Our wellness partners benefit from Givhero’s unique approach to employee, social and community wellness.

2. How Can Wellness Partners Benefit from Givhero’s Corporate Wellness Programs?

Givhero’s corporate wellness programs are unique, customizable and compelling. By leveraging social causes employees care about, integrating with smartphones, apps and wearables, Givhero can tailor its program to any organization, industry or community. Our easy-to-use, scalable solution also allows smaller companies, who might find it cost-prohibitive to implement their own corporate wellness programs, the ability to reap the benefits and help their employees. And Givhero’s powerful platform can support international enterprise clients’ needs as well

3. How Can You Benefit from a Preferred Partnership with Givhero?

With Givhero, you can fully customize your program and have it launched in only a few days. Employers get access to custom reporting and can see the tangible results in company engagement and improved workplace morale. Our wellness partners benefit from:

  • Preferred pricing
  • White glove customer support
  • Updates on new features and reporting capabilities as they are rolled out
  • Seamless feedback pipeline to help continuously improve the user experience

If you want to learn more about how easy it is to set up your account and launch your first challenge, schedule a call with us here.

4. Transform Corporate Wellness Programs with Givhero

If you’re looking to increase employee wellness at the workplace or want to offer a unique health and wellness program to your corporate clients, we’re here to help! We use social causes to inspire teams to reach their personal and community wellness goals. Learn more about how Givhero works and schedule a call today!