The Unique Practices of Gen Z's Approach to Wellness

The Unique Practices of Gen Z's Approach to Wellness

Technology has ushered in a new era for medicine even beyond its advancements in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders. Specifically, functional improvements to software have revolutionized medical professionals’ means of communication and outpatient care. Simultaneously, the first members of Generation Z have reached adulthood and are demanding healthcare on their terms. These individuals prioritize the convenience of services, social responsibility, preventative care, and improved patient experiences. However, their doctors need not work alone in answering these calls; their employers can help by implementing a corporate wellness platform.

Below, we outline Generation Z’s characteristic practices and expectations for healthcare and wellness:

Prioritizing Convenience over Privacy

Although many factors have led to Gen Z’s insistence on convenience, the greatest influence is the Internet’s presence in their lives. Generation Z’s members were born between 1997 and 2012; thus, they have never known a world without accessible Internet. Indeed, given that the first iPhone appeared in 2007, much of Gen Z cannot remember a time before smartphones.

Smart devices and applications—particularly social media platforms—have brought the world to users’ fingertips at the cost of their privacy. So, Gen Z has grown accustomed to volunteering their personal data for convenient services. In exchange for names, emails, or addresses, Gen Z expects fast service, virtual options, and clear instructions.

The regard for convenience has even led to an increasing role of technology in the lives of Gen Z compared to previous generations. For instance, health trackers and wearable technology have become standard features in their lives. Indeed, these devices have replaced personal relationships with doctors to some extent.

Incorporating Social Responsibility

Although Millennials are the most racially and ethnically diverse adult generation in US history, Gen Z will wrest that title once all its members reach adulthood. With this point in mind, it makes sense that Gen Z prioritizes social wellness and responsibility. Therefore, they often look for employers that embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles and practices.

This concern influences their health and well-being practices too. Gen Z wants employers who offer inclusive benefits as well as social action. They like working for organizations that support communities and cultivate relationships with socially equitable corporate wellness partners.

Emphasizing Preventative Care and Holistic Health

In addition to convenience, the Internet has provided Gen Z with diverse information about health practices. Such access has given them greater sway in health care decisions compared to previous generations. Specifically, it has given rise to Gen Z’s interest in preventative care and holistic health.

This approach is also a product of healthcare costs, which members of Gen Z have seen skyrocket during their lifetime. By following healthy living practices and seeking overall well-being, they hope to evade significant medical issues and save money in the long run.

Moreover, their employers can support this interest, as the components of employee wellness programs can create well-being.

Revamping Patient Experiences

The Unique Practices of Gen Z's Approach to Wellness

Given its complexity and operational models, medicine often feels far from patient-centric. But technology has started to change that. Minor shifts—including appointment email reminders, online scheduling services, and pre-visit screenings—indicate that patients have increasing control.

As mentioned above, Gen Z expects more say in their health conditions than previous generations. This expectation also applies to the non-treatment aspects of care. The wellness plan template is shifting away from doctor-centric concerns and gravitating toward patients’ concerns instead.

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