Why Employers Must Embrace Health Equity in Their Workplaces

Why Employers Must Embrace Health Equity in Their Workplaces

Recent events–especially the Covid pandemic and its resulting economic uncertainty–have underscored inequities in the US healthcare system. Despite the federal government’s efforts to allay this situation, access to affordable healthcare services remains hit-or-miss. Yet employers can help their staff through this dilemma by investing in their healthcare benefits. The benefits of employee wellness programs include enhancing an organization’s well-being, bolstering competitive employment packages, and more. Organizations can also promote equitable healthcare by leveraging the Givhero platform.

Below, we outline reasons for employers to seek health equity as well as obstacles they may face and services that can help them achieve it:

Reasons That Employers Should Pursue Health Equity

We define health equity as the condition where everyone has fair and reasonable opportunities to be as healthy as they can. Reaching this state requires that social obstacles–including poverty and discrimination–be overcome.

While employers cannot resolve inequities across our society, they can promote health equity in their offices. Doing so requires careful thought, research, and care options that extend beyond basic needs. Reasons to pursue health equity include:

  • Bolstering company-wide culture and well-being. Time and again, we’ve seen that healthy employees have greater productivity than their less-healthy counterparts.

  • Making competitive offers to potential employees. Equitable care ensures that you’ve covered all the expected services for people from all walks of life.

  • Getting the best ROI from healthcare packages. Companies put a lot of time and money into these programs, and equity helps ensure they make the most of them.

Obstacles to Overcome

Committing to health equity is a great start, but reaching it requires surmounting several obstacles. First and foremost, companies must communicate information about their health benefits to their employees. While it may sound simple, healthcare systems are notoriously complex and messaging must be inclusive.

Second, wellness programs must adapt for different employee circumstances. Nationwide companies, for instance, must provide instructions for navigating healthcare systems in several distinct regions and demographic communities. Different services may apply to each employee depending on their socioeconomic status.

Third, organizations must help employees navigate co-pays and fees. Prohibitive costs can place healthcare services out of reach for some employees, and health equity includes affordable wellness options.

Services and Features That Can Encourage Health Equity in Offices

Sometimes, increasing health equity among employees requires a nudge in the right direction. Companies can try offering services that inspire their employees to take advantage of coverage options, including:

  • Health risk assessments/screenings (HRAs) - while employees who regularly visit a primary care physician will already receive these, those who do not could start their health journey with an HRA. A risk assessment can give them a path forward in finding preventative care and seeking well-being.

  • Health and wellness programs - companies can lead by example and organize wellness initiatives among employees. Popular options include healthy lunches & snacks, counseling services, and exercise programs.

  • Why Employers Must Embrace Health Equity in Their Workplaces
  • The Givhero employee health and wellness app - our social wellness app helps companies increase retention and engagement in their wellness programs. It provides all employees a digital platform on which they can track their progress toward physical, mental, and social well-being.

Use the Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs to Bolster Your Company

While the conversation around health equity continues in our nation, employers can ensure their staff receives equitable coverage. They can provide wellness initiatives and enjoy the benefits of employee wellness programs with Givhero’s support. Our elegant and intuitive platform supports company wellness goals while helping employees remain engaged and productive. If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call today at (240) 801-5927 or schedule a call.