Why Your Company Needs an Employee Wellness Program

4 Ways to Make Your Workplace Wellness Program More Inclusive

Every size business should have an employee wellness program, as it benefits and motivates its workforce. The largest companies in the world boost their productivity with wellness programs for their employees. So, what is an employee wellness program and how can you incorporate one into your business?

Bring all your questions to Givhero, a social wellness platform that helps companies implement wellness initiatives. We help employers motivate their workforces by doing good for others. For example, we create programs that reward healthy employee habits with donations to their favorite charities. This method has worked so well that over 93% of our members reported that the connection to those causes motivated them to reach their health goals.

Below, we discuss what an employee wellness program is and how it can benefit your company:

What is an Employee Wellness Program?

Briefly put, an employee wellness program is instituted by a company to assist its employees in staying healthy. Usually, it focuses on physical as well as mental health and emotional well-being. Other programs focus on specific problems that the company wants to eliminate or reduce, like diabetes, smoking, obesity, lack of energy, low morale, etc.

While companies can set up their program in multiple ways, they all include some key steps. First, a company-wide assessment gathers information about the health of the workforce. Next, a wellness committee is formed to evaluate current program options and identify employees’ grievances. The committee will then suggest changes.

With managerial support, the committee will implement its changes. They may plan annual or monthly activities for employees. Conversely, they may create ongoing services for employees such as gym memberships, health coaching, or other wellness-related options.

As their wellness programs evolve and change, committees should solicit feedback from employees. By evaluating that feedback, they can judge how effective their programming was and how to improve it. Doing so makes your wellness program more effective and provides more reasons for your employees to stay and grow your company.

Benefits of Having an Employee Wellness Program

Now, having established an understanding of employee wellness programs, let’s discuss the advantages of having one in your company. As mentioned above, a wellness program can advocate and solve a particular issue that may be largely affecting its workforce’s capabilities.

Potential issues of focus include high degrees of stress, lack of sleep, smoking habits, etc. Addressing such negative habits can provide a great deal of personal good for your employees and even bring positive effects into your workplace. These workplace benefits include:

Reducing Absenteeism-Poor health means high rates of illness, and thus high rates of absences from work. An effective wellness program that addresses physical and mental health concerns can greatly improve these areas and thus decrease the overall degree of absences among employees.

Improving Productivity and Morale-It’s obvious; when you feel good, you do good. This concept applies to how a successful wellness program results in a workforce that feels motivated and engaged in their work and as part of a team.

Savings On Healthcare Costs -Studies have shown that, when implemented consistently well, an employee wellness program can positively impact a workforce’s standard of health and save the company a decent amount in healthcare costs.

What is an Employee Wellness Program? Givhero Can Answer That

Employee wellness programs are among the widest growing trends among modern businesses today, whether big or small, benefiting their employees in multiple ways. Moreover, a strategic wellness program shouldn’t just benefit your company and employees but also include the local community. Givhero is a fully automated social wellness platform for companies to leverage and support their employees toward achieving wellness program goals through a potent motivation—helping their community. Givhero helps your company be strategic in aligning its employee wellness efforts, with its social responsibility efforts, positively impacting your key stakeholders, inside and outside of the company. Contact us at (240) 801-5927 to learn more and begin implementing your wellness program today!