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Workplace Walking Challenge

Workplace Walking Challenge

Creating enjoyable employee wellness programs can motivate your staff to be healthier and more active. You can kick things off with a workplace walking challenge and enjoy support from Givhero’s digital platform!

These challenges boost workplace collaboration and morale as well as employee satisfaction. Moreover, employees at various fitness levels can participate in this activity.

Challenges should encourage positive behaviors both in and out of the workplace. They can also foster healthy rivalry and motivation throughout your organization.

How to Promote Walking at Work in a Unique Way

Sitting at a desk from 9-5 can make it difficult to reach your health goals. You can reduce your sedentary lifestyle and promote your step goal while increasing employee engagement by collaborating with coworkers in daily exercise. Some strategies include:

1. Walking meetings - Instead of staying seated for hours during internal meetings, try hosting these meetings while on a brief walk indoors or outdoors!

2. Encourage the use of stairs - Rather than taking the elevator every day, encourage employees to use the stairs to reach their walking challenge goals.

3. Provide information on trails and parks - While going outside and walking may sound silly for some employees, giving your workforce resources to find local trails and walking communities can help them get moving.

If you are looking to start your workplace walking challenge at your company, schedule a call with Givhero today!