How to Start Promoting Your Workplace Wellness Programs

How to Start Promoting Your Workplace Wellness Programs

Whether your organization already has a flourishing wellness program or wants to start one, it is truly beneficial for employees to know about and understand that program. After all, the best workplace wellness programs exist for the benefit of all staff members. To ensure they reap the total value of well-being, you can promote organizational wellness efforts, leverage the power of storytelling, encourage program diversity, and more.

Below, we outline several ways to promote workplace wellness programs:

Promote Organizational Wellness Efforts

Implementing a successful wellness program requires HR administrators and associated employees to determine staff’s health concerns, design appropriate initiatives, then find ways to engage potential participants. Each of these processes comes with challenges; engaging employees in workplace wellness, for instance, necessitates genuine interest. Yet before anyone participates, employers must obtain “buy in” from their staff on wellness campaigns.

Promoting workplace wellness efforts can function similarly to an advertising campaign: team members can create graphics for upcoming events. Employee volunteers can distribute informational pamphlets. HR and well-being professionals can give a presentation on employee wellness benefits and costs. No matter how you go about it, messaging should remain simple and positive to capture employees’ attention and deliver crucial information.

Leverage the Power of Storytelling

Another form of effective communication is storytelling, which can help establish your wellness operations and messaging. Stories create a shared legacy between individuals and capture communal attention. In this context, success stories about exercise and well-being can help employees grasp the potential of wellness programs.

Storytelling can also help wellness messaging reach isolated employees. For instance, work-from-home or night shift employees may feel detached from the rest of your organization’s staff. However, giving them all a story to share helps everyone feel connected. You can further encourage such connections with social media, a wellness challenge app, and more communication channels.

Keep Wellness Programming Relevant

How to Start Promoting Your Workplace Wellness Programs

Of course, running a wellness program has one built-in, continuous challenge: keeping employees engaged with relevant initiatives and information. Your program’s goals must align with their goals or, at least, interest them. The simplest way to achieve this outcome is to encourage employee feedback through surveys or open communication channels.

Furthermore, you can capture greater engagement by broadening your programs’ scope. Look beyond physically focused initiatives to those geared for mental and social wellness. Increased diversity attracts more participants, who then advertise your programming to co-workers. Plus, a community wellness project can help you achieve organizational well-being.

Finally, both promotion and programming achieve relevance through frequency. While you should avoid overwhelming employees with messaging and initiatives, recognize the need for ample options. Everyone is busy, and frequent reminders and programs help drive overall participation.

Likewise, most people want to practice and establish good habits. Your programming can motivate employees to do so; thus, they may appreciate frequent challenges and coaching.

Use Givhero to Create the Best Workplace Wellness Programs

Before achieving organizational well-being, you must ensure that employees know about your health and wellness opportunities. Advertise and support your programs with the support of Givhero, a digital platform that helps employers create the best workplace wellness programs possible. Our app’s functionality drives engagement through intrinsic motivators and connects companies with exciting nonprofits. Schedule a free call to learn more or reach out at (240) 801-5927 today!