How You Can Ensure Your Employee Wellness Program Embraces Diversity and Inclusion

4 Ways to Make Your Workplace Wellness Program More Inclusive

We hear the words “diversity” and “inclusion” often: they crop up in the news and, increasingly, our workplaces. But how well do we apply these concepts? Can we ensure that organizations absorb and incorporate them? To boost your office’s diversity, start with your wellness programs at work. With anti-bias training, an employee resource group, and more steps, you can ensure that your space is sustainably inclusive.

To get these initiatives off the ground, reach out to Givhero. We designed our social wellness platform for businesses that want to support and encourage healthy work environments. Several platform features–such as the capability to customize your charitable partners and direct your charitable contributions–will instill inclusivity into your work environment. We also offer the rigor of a well-tested platform and the flexibility of an up-to-date one. Reach out today and schedule a call with Givhero.

Below, we define “diversity,” “equity,” and “inclusion” then describe how to imbue these values into your employee wellness program:

Defining Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)

Like other buzzwords, “diversity,” “equity,” and “inclusion” get bandied around so much that their meanings tend to fade. When put in context, however, they constitute the framework of welcoming environments. They also produce happier and healthier employees.

Diversity refers to the variety of human differences: race, gender, sex, ethnicity, class, religious beliefs, and so on. Equity concerns the fair treatment of individuals with regard given to the historical circumstances of their diverse features. And inclusion is a condition wherein everyone in a group feels fully involved.

While many people prioritize physical conditioning, Givhero’s research into workplace wellness found that it constitutes only part of overall well-being. Mental health, accessibility, and more play roles too—and, as you might guess, so does diversity, equity, and inclusion!

Steps to Ensure Your Employee Wellness Program Incorporates DE&I

1. Sign up for Givhero’s social platform

To boost your employee wellness program’s DE&I, you should invest in our social platform for workplaces. Our customers provide their employees with an automated app to track their customized wellness goals and discover new initiatives. This levels the playing field and provides all workers access to their workplace’s benefits.

Givhero’s platform also gives every user the ability to choose which social causes they support. This allows your employees to personalize their motivation and social wellness. Additionally, the customized charitable partners can be aligned to those nonprofit partners that strategically align to your company’s DE&I goals and initiatives.

2. Anti-bias training (particularly for leadership positions)

No matter how sensitive or well-read folks may be, many still hold unconscious biases. These biases can become problematic in work settings, especially when leaders follow them (whether they realize it or not).

So, organizations should host bias training. These meetings offer more than just diversity boosters—they allow marginalized individuals to speak up. Participants have a chance to stop work and reflect on their behaviors and attitudes towards coworkers.

Such workplaces become more equitable and have happier employees.

3. Capitalize on increased engagement with an employee resource group

The Givhero app and wellness initiatives can boost employee engagement. Make the most of that bump by creating an employee resource group (ERG). Consisting of several employee volunteers, these groups represent the interests of your workforce. They create a space for diverse individuals to voice their interests, needs and concerns.

4. Bring in experts, such as wellness coaches

To improve the odds of your ERG succeeding (and of your workplace diversifying), invite experts to your office. Oftentimes, an outsider can provide the needed perspective on improving an insular culture. Plus, experts like benefits advisors, wellness coaches, and diversity mentors know how to help you best.

Reach out to Givhero about our wellness partners and learn what professionals we can provide your office.

5. Contact us to review the inclusivity of your benefits

Regular reviews of your employee wellness programs help to ensure that they remain inclusive. And for insight on the diversity of your programs, reach out to Givhero. We can discuss your options and consider ways to help strengthen your benefits programs.

Boost Diversity Through Effective Wellness Programs at Work

To be a leader and competitor in the marketplace, you must have engaged employees. To ensure employee engagement, invest in inclusive wellness programs at work that encourage diversity with Givhero. Our social wellness platform provides a digital space for you and your employees to track your office’s wellness initiatives. Plus, our team can support your DE&I efforts with our diverse charitable partners and wellness partners. Call us now at (240) 801-5927 or schedule a call to discuss your options further!