How to Inspire Positive Emotional Wellness through Well-Being Programs and Why You Should Do So

How to Inspire Positive Emotional Wellness through Well-Being Programs and Why You Should Do So

While emotional wellness exists below the surface of our conscious minds, it drives our daily approach to life. Therefore, wellness programs that lack emotional wellness initiatives will neglect a fundamental element of well-being. You can motivate your employees to build emotional wellness by sharing the benefits of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management with them. Additionally, leverage Givhero’s wellness challenge app to support these same practices.

Below, we outline how to build positive emotional wellness into your corporate well-being program:

Start with Emotional Intelligence

An organization that values emotional wellness can help its employees pursue it. To start, learn more about and share the four pillars of emotional intelligence:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Management

These elements contribute to the personal and professional success of employees and, in turn, of your organization. They may also help staff members to clarify their career goals and aspirations. We suggest you offer an emotional intelligence test to assist employees in determining how well they imbue these pillars. Doing so gives them a starting point from which they can grow.


Even if they don’t realize it, employees engage their self-awareness in the workplace every day. Strong self-awareness involves identifying and evaluating emotions, whereas lacking self-awareness may cause one to lose control of those emotions. Self-awareness thus influences employees’ responses to their work and coworkers.

Workplace wellness programs can support self-awareness by giving employees short breaks throughout their day. Encourage them to use the time for processing their emotions by taking a walk or meditating. These activities can help them see how their attitudes and behaviors affect others.

Furthermore, wellness programs can reinforce self-awareness by offering therapy through employee assistance programs (EAPs). EAPs allow employees to discuss their personal and work-related concerns with a professional who can help them build their self-awareness. Overcoming anxieties motivates individuals and can boost your staff’s productivity.


How to Inspire Positive Emotional Wellness through Well-Being Programs and Why You Should Do So

Self-management refers to how one handles situations, emotions, and reactions. Individuals determine how to respond to these stimuli all day. Strong self-management can help one control their stress and find suitable responses to challenges. Additionally, self-management can involve conflict resolution with other people.

Further self-management may call for effective stress-relieving techniques like physical exercise and meditation, which workplace wellness programs can instill through activities and challenges. Offering employees membership to a local gym or coordinating clubs for walking, running, or yoga can help too. Encourage company engagement by creating wellness challenges that track increments for each activity type.

Social Awareness

Social awareness shifts one’s emotions and responses away from one’s self and toward the organization at large. In the workplace, social awareness involves realizing one’s value as well as the value of fellow employees. It engages empathy and service by acknowledging how everyone contributes to the organization.

Employees can express gratitude toward fellow employees when they notice them going above and beyond or demonstrating acts of kindness. We suggest creating a weekly challenge wherein employees nominate others when they notice these behaviors. You can inspire employees with rewards like donating to a charity of their choice or giving prizes.

Furthermore, lead employees in practicing empathy outside the workplace with volunteer activities. Choose a local cause that allows employees to give their time and energy to others.

Relationship Management

Relationship management involves building and maintaining connections. Doing so may include forming bonds, developing common interests, collaborating, and more. Nevertheless, you can foster effective relationship management in the workplace with team-building challenges and activities.

Additionally, set cooperation challenges that align with your organization’s wellness goals for mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Make the goal a collaborative effort where each individual’s efforts contribute to a nonprofit group.

Givhero: A Wellness Challenge App for Employee’s Emotional Wellness

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